Spring Fling

Join dozens of your favorite authors at the 2017 Spring Fling at Writerspace on Sunday, April 9th from 8pm ET to 11pm ET for your chance to win (at least) 2 Kindle Fires, autographed, hard-to-find, advance copies plus special treats like gift cards and more. Authors will be dropping in to chat all during the evening. We hope to see you Sunday night! You don’t have to be present to win, but you must be registered.

Writerspace will be giving away 2 Kindle Fires during the event. And the following authors contributed to the fun at the 2017 Spring Fling! Visit their websites for more information about the prizes they gave away on Sunday, April 9th. Just click on their names for more information. And don’t forget to REGISTER!!

Debra Clopton

Debra is giving away

a copy of WITH THIS RING.

With This Promise
On Sale Now

School teacher Lana Presley has sworn off cowboys. Which should work fine since she’s relocated from Texas and is happily adjusting to her new life in Windswept Bay. After a bad breakup—that involved her using her cheating ex as target practice for hurling chocolate covered cherries at…she's happy to be single. And happy not to have her protective brothers and dad meddling in her business. Settling down on the coast permanently, miles away from Texas, is looking perfect.

Then the drop-dead gorgeous cowboy, Cam Sinclair, comes to her rescue…several times and sets all of her carefully made plans into chaos.

Rancher Cam Sinclair is just in town for a few days on business then heading home to his ranch in Texas. He’s got finding the right woman and settling down on his mind. And from the moment he meets spitfire Lana Presley she has his attention. But she’s made it clear that Texas and cowboys are not in her plans for the future. Can a road trip and Cam…and love change her mind?

Things are getting a bit complicated on the shores of Windswept Bay! Come join the fun in With This Promise book 7 of this captivating series. You’ve watched the four Sinclair sisters fall in love now it’s time to watch the five Sinclair brothers find the women of their dreams.

Visit Debra Clopton at http://debraclopton.com

Margaret Daley

Margaret is giving away

ebooks of DEADLY NIGHT, SILENT NIGHT to 2 winners.

Deadly Night, Silent Night
On Sale Now

Revenge. Sabotage. Second Chances.

Widow Rebecca Howard runs a successful store chain that is being targeted during the holiday season. Detective Alex Kincaid, best friends with Rebecca’s twin brother, is investigating the hacking of the store’s computer system. When the attacks become personal, Alex must find the assailant before Rebecca, the woman he’s falling in love with, is murdered.

Visit Margaret Daley at http://www.margaretdaley.com

Patricia Yager Delagrange

Patricia Yager is giving away

a $20 Amazon Gift Card and a copy of any of her 3 published books to 1 winner.

Passing Through Brandiss
On Sale Now

After the tragic loss of her husband, Annie and her young son search for a new life full of meaning and hope. Fate nudges Annie into the arms of a man whose wife disappeared with his child years ago. Annie’s life spins out of control when first the pregnant teenager she hires to help her with her garden asks Annie to adopt her baby and shortly afterwards the long-lost wife of the man Annie loves reappears. Riddled with grief and heartache, the experiences demonstrate how, even in the face of overwhelming sorrow, opening her heart and home to those most in need of love has reaped unexpected joy for Annie and her son.

Visit Patricia Yager Delagrange at http://www.patriciayagerdelagrange.com

Kaylan Doyle

Kaylan is giving away

a signed copy of THE GREAT AWFUL.

The Great Awful
On Sale Now

When Devastation, Plague and Inhumanity attack, a young woman struggles to survive… Who to Trust? Who to Kill?

First Book in the Dystopian REIVERS’ INCURSION thriller series by KAYLAN DOYLE………

Katie Davis and her mother are alone the night a series of earthquakes rocks their isolated home. In the valley below Katie’s house, an erupting volcano spews lava, incinerating everything in its path. Power grids explode and communications systems fail.

The earthquakes force an ancient meteor up through the earth’s surface, bringing yet another disaster. Something … far greater than nature … is responsible.

Katie and her mother have no way to know the police are dead. No way to know inmates have escaped from jails and institutions and that people are fleeing populated areas.

For years, Katie has asked why they hide. For years, her parents have refused to explain while her military father trains her in weapons use and combat skills, with the expectation that she will protect her emotionally fragile mother.

Like the malevolent meteor, Katie’s training surfaces … with deadly intent. Pushed to the breaking point, how far will she go? What is she willing to do to survive?

Originally published June 27, 2014 in eBook format.

Visit Kaylan Doyle at http://www.kaylandoyle.com

Shoshanna Gabriel

Shoshanna is giving away

an inspirational romance paperback.

Second Chances for Trampled Hearts
On Sale Now

SECOND CHANCES FOR TRAMPLED HEARTS: Book 1 in the Bear Creek Saddle Series (sweet inspirational contemporary cowboy romance)

A handsome rancher who lost his faith along with his young wife…
A waitress, abandoned by her cheating ex, and looking for a fresh start…

Allie Crawford buys half-ownership of the cowboy’s diner in the small mountain town of Bear Creek Saddle, Idaho. It’s all she can afford, and it’s about as far from Miami as she can get. Will it be far enough?

“Big Bad Bill” inherited the town’s infamous old diner from his great-uncle, who insisted it stay in the family. Bill knows cattle, not the restaurant business—so he’ll foot the bill to get it going again, and let the woman champing at the bit for her own restaurant handle running it.

Then Allie needs his help with renovations, and Bill finds he can’t stay away, after all.

Neither expects the friendship that blooms between them. But even beautiful evergreen trees and soaring mountain peaks can’t soothe the pain of betrayal and loss.

Faith may be the only thing big enough to heal their trampled hearts, and give them both a second chance at love…

SECOND CHANCES FOR TRAMPLED HEARTS is New York Times & USA Today bestselling author Shoshanna Evers’ first inspirational romance writing as Shoshanna Gabriel.

NOTE: A different version of this story was originally released in 2015 as “I AM NOT YOUR MELODY” (written as Shoshanna Evers). Even if you’ve read that one…this new short novel is the way the book was meant to be all along. God bless!

Visit Shoshanna Gabriel at http://www.shoshannagabriel.com

Dara Girard

Dara is giving away

an autographed copy of the mass market paperback version of POWER PLAY.

Midnight Promise
On Sale Now

Microbiologist, Dr. Naomi Mensah, always gets into trouble due to her absent-minded ways. She finds herself in trouble again at her cousin’s wedding, when she loses an expensive necklace down a grate while walking to her car.

When a mysterious stranger offers to help her retrieve it, she feels relieved.

Until he asks her to make him a wild promise.

A promise that will get Naomi in more trouble than she could have ever imagined.

The second book in the It Happened One Wedding series.

Visit Dara Girard at http://www.daragirard.com

Amy Gregory

Amy is giving away

a signed copy of CHARMING JEFF, a miniature metal windmill (FINDING PERFECT is set in KS), and a set of KC Royals pencils (also mentioned in the book).

Charming Jeff
On Sale Now

Jeff Hughes is most comfortable behind the gleaming bar of Jenny’s, the bar and grill he owns, just as the two generations before him did. Situated on the square in the tiny town of Renlend, Kansas, Jenny’s and Jeff have been a sounding board for the townspeople. Now, each of those in his inner circle have all fallen in love, and if they aren’t already married, proposals have been made, complete with shiny rings.

Not Jeff. He’s kept quiet, silently brooding over the one woman who stole his heart the first time he saw her, over five years ago. He’d forget all about the dark-haired beauty with pale ice green eyes if he could. Except it’s his signature on her paycheck each week.

Kelly DeGraw grew up in a world completely unlike the one she’s made for herself in Renlend. This was the place she’d visited as a child. Complete with a gazebo in the middle of the town’s square, she’d fallen for its stillness, its beauty, and its charm. Everything was polar opposite to the past she ran from and was trying to keep hidden. She loved her friends here, and she didn’t want to be treated different if they all knew her secrets.

Coming back to Renlend as an adult had always been her plan. Walking into Jenny’s and falling for the owner hadn’t. If she didn’t love everything about her new life in this sleepy town so much, she’d risk it all and move on. Yet, part of her heart still holds out hope Jeff will eventually see her for more than a dependable employee.

Visit Amy Gregory at http://www.amygregoryauthor.com

Amelia Grey

Amelia is giving away

one book from her back list – winner’s choice.

Last Night with the Duke
On Sale Now

Could finding love be his greatest scandal of all?

The Duke of Griffin has never lived down his reputation as one of the Rakes of St. James. Now rumors are swirling around London that his twin sisters may bear the brunt of his past follies. Hiring a competent chaperone is the only thing Griffin has on his mind—until he meets the lovely and intriguing Miss Esmeralda Swift. In ways he could never have expected, she arouses more than just his curiosity.

Esmeralda Swift considered herself too sensible to ever fall for a scoundrel, but that was before she met the irresistibly seductive Duke of Griffin. His employment offer proves too tempting for her to resist. She can’t afford to be distracted by his devilish charms because the stakes are so high for his sisters’ debut Season. . .unless one of London’s most notorious rakes has had a change of heart and is ready to make Esmeralda his bride in Last Night with the Duke, the first novel in the brand-new Regency Rakes of St. James series by New York Times bestselling author Amelia Grey.

Visit Amelia Grey at http://www.ameliagrey.com

Laura Griffin

Laura is giving away

a $20 Starbucks gift card and a signed copy of AT CLOSE RANGE.

At Close Range
On Sale Now

New York Times bestselling author Laura Griffin “delivers the goods” (Publishers Weekly) again with the eleventh title in the gritty, heart-pounding Tracers series.

When a lakeside tryst ends in a double murder, police detective Daniele Harper arrives on the scene determined to get answers. Clues are everywhere, but nothing adds up. Dani turns to the Delphi Center crime lab for help, but soon regrets it when her secret attraction to their chief firearms examiner threatens to distract her from the most important case of her career.

As a ballistics expert and former Navy SEAL, Scott Black knows firearms, and he knows he can help Dani unravel her case. Scott has managed to hide his interest in his best friend’s younger sister for years, but when her investigation brings them together, the sparks between them quickly get out of control. Scott resolves to keep his hands off Dani and his eyes on the goal—identifying a killer. But when that killer zeroes in on Dani, all bets are off. There isn’t a line Scott won’t cross to convince Dani to trust him so that he can help her take down a ruthless murderer who has her in his sights.

Visit Laura Griffin at http://www.lauragriffin.com

Carolyn Haines

Carolyn is giving away

5 Kindle copies of FEAR FAMILIAR (five winners).

Fear Familiar
On Sale Now

FAMILIAR, Black Cat Detective, RETURNS! Only .99 cents

Back in 1990 I wrote a romantic mystery about a savvy black cat, Familiar. He had escaped from a research facility and was taken in by a young woman, Eleanor. But Familiar, who saw himself as something of a Humphrey Bogart character, had a dark secret—one that put Eleanor and veterinarian Peter Curry in grave danger.

At the time, I was writing as Caroline Burnes for Harlequin Intrigue. Tahti Carter, my fabulous editor, suggested I make Familiar a series. And I wrote 17 Familiar stories. I’ve had some of the titles returned to me and I’m reissuing them, beginning with the very first, FEAR FAMILIAR, followed by TOO FAMILIAR in May, and THRICE FAMILIAR in June.

But in July—I’m launching a new series. Trouble, son of Familiar. And I have some big, big surprises in store for the many readers who have constantly requested the return of the black cat. Exciting!

So refresh your memory about Familiar at this special price—or join in the fun for the first time. The black cat detective is back!

Originally published March 1990, writing as Caroline Burnes in the Fear Familiar Mystery series in Harlequin Intrique #134 and several reissues.

Visit Carolyn Haines at http://www.carolynhaines.com

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