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Cari Lynn Webb

Cari Lynn Webb is giving away a $20 Amazon gift card plus an ebook copy of any book from her backlist to one winner.

Accompanying Alice
On Sale Now

Single mother Alice Meyer’s 35th birthday finds her unemployed with her eighteen-year-old twins graduated from high school and leaving home, while she, the eldest of seven girls sews the seed pearls on yet another of her younger sisters’ wedding veils. But she really falls down the rabbit hole when she stops at the side of the road to help an injured stranger who immediately points a gun in her face.

FBI Agent Gabriel Book is in the middle of the worst undercover of his life, after discovering his boss and long-time friend may not only have betrayed him but set him up to be murdered. But looking into Alice Meyer’s at once frightened and concerned eyes when she rescues him from near death at the side of the road is the thing that almost undoes him. Going home with her to hide in plain sight in the midst of her sister’s huge family wedding may be the biggest and most rewarding challenge he’s ever faced.

Accompanying Alice is a book about family and the things it makes you do; about growing up, moving out, making choices and mistakes; but mostly it’s about mothers, daughters, sisters, lovers, weddings, seed pearls, insanity—and love, sex and condoms.

Originally published February 2019 in eBbook.

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