Spotlight on New Releases

  • The Outlaw's Punishment

    Sarah Black

    November 23, 2020

    Annabelle “Anne” Barkley is part of a small crime family in the old west. Her whole life, she’s been told that family is the most important thing. She is very religious and has never murdered anyone, despite living as a bandit. Then, she meets Clayton James. He’s sexy, charismatic, and works as a bounty hunter. As much as she might try to fight against it, she finds herself getting pulled into a relationship with him. The relationship is dangerous from the start, and it forces her to...

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  • Transgressions

    Carolyn Faulkner

    December 09, 2020

    Allegra had been enamored of Enzo since she was thirteen years old and he worked for her crime boss father. Now, years later, her father is gone, and she is attempting to keep the family business afloat, and Enzo has moved on to form his own, powerful crime family. When she chooses to take bad advice from her second in command, Frank, and cross her now rival, Enzo takes matters into his own hands. But he soon finds that he wants more—not just her business—he wants Ally. And when it...

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  • The Masterful Azeri

    Cordelia Gregory

    December 08, 2020

    A police officer. A Mafia leader. Perfect couple, right? Handsome, ruthless Azeri Mafia leader, Tural Hasanov is charged with protecting the estranged daughter of London gangland boss, Lennox Mason. Lennox is dying and wants his reluctant daughter to take over leadership of the family and prevent her cousin Spencer Harding from doing so. His plan is for Tural to lead with Bianca as more of a figure head. Tural will bring in his own business and will also tighten the long-standing...

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  • Her Stern Cowboy

    Renee Marks

    December 01, 2020

    She’s independent to a fault. He’s dominant and stern. Perfect match, right? Andie Malone’s life has never been easy, shuffled from foster home to foster home. She follows her best friend, the sister she never had, to a new town and a new life for herself as a single mother. Her joy and sense of security are shattered when her best friend, Candice and her husband, Caleb are murdered. Not only does Andie have to deal with the tremendous loss, but she is named guardian of her friend’s...

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  • Behind Two Screens

    Selena Michaels

    November 30, 2020

    Traumatized, mentally drained, and disillusioned about relationships, Holly Banks flees from her life in Maine. She finds herself in Virginia Beach, hiding amongst everyone, a hermit of her own making. When a series of events leads to her meeting Alexander Harris, her heart is not ready to take the leap. But while their love deepens, the darkness that threatens Holly’s life grows near. With danger lurking on the horizon, can Holly show Alexander what it means to truly love before it’s too...

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  • Opal from Omaha

    Nora Nolan

    December 06, 2020

    Can she put the trauma she has witnessed behind her to start a new life as a bride? Opal McAllister is eager to travel to Big Rock. Not only will she be reunited with her childhood friend, but she’ll be married to one of the town’s most successful men. At nearly thirty years of age, she’d begun to think she might never marry, but she always held out hope. When Amy writes to ask her if she’d be willing to become a bride of one of the many single men in Big Rock, she jumps at the chance....

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  • Mastering Vidal

    Julia Payton

    November 23, 2020

    One woman. Three brothers. Which one will win her heart? Adric is the oldest brother of three. They are each determined, dangerous, loyal and looking to stay safe in their damaged world. Adric wants Vidal as retribution, a prize. He stole her and claimed her as his own. Sharing her was their original plan for vengeance. But once Adric got Vidal in his grips, he’d fight his brothers, her family and the woman herself, to win her over. It’s not her love he wants, though. It’s her body. At...

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  • Santa's Secret Business

    Ebony Rose

    November 30, 2020

    He will do everything in his power to keep her safe. Paige Turner has known her fair share of ups and downs, but being dropped by her fiancé two weeks before Christmas has to be the icing on the cake. The young coffee shop owner is stunned to find her long-time boyfriend capable of such callous treatment, that is until ‘McHottie Coffee Guy’, aka Elijah Novak, takes pity on her and poses as her fake boyfriend. Now, Paige has a plus one for her cousin’s wedding, as well as a bunch of...

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  • Mating Season

    Emily Sharpe

    November 23, 2020

    Kristina Edwards has the rare opportunity to remake herself after a traumatic event. She has a new job in a new state. Why not a new name as well? “Tina” settles into a rural North Carolina community, helped by her neighbor Chip and the elderly but beautiful new neighbor Eleanor, who has reasons of her own for moving to Poplar Gap. Unbeknownst to Tina, Chip is also observing her, reporting back to his boss, an odd, reclusive man who lives on the mountain. Bill Cameron thinks he is dying...

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  • Dancy's Gold

    Mariella Starr

    November 29, 2020

    A feisty redhead who wants her way. A stern oilman who will keep her in line and safe. Dancy Mason’s life has not turned out as she had hoped. Her dreams had been sidelined, but the betrayal of her wealthy husband had awakened her to a lot of truths. Truth has a way of eating into your soul, and making a person realize the difference between real and fake. Now she wants to rebuild her life and find herself again. Unfortunately, due to her father’s last request, Dancy has to relive and...

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