Spotlight on New Releases

  • Prince of Wintertide

    Angelique Armae

    April 30, 2019

    PRINCE OF WINTERTIDE is the fourth book in National Bestselling Author, Angelique Armae’s, Bestselling Regency series Seduced by Scandal. To court the woman he is forbidden to have, Prince Harrison of Countavia engages in a role-playing game at a winter ball where he discovers the kingdom’s most notorious killer lurking among the masked guests. A clandestine rendezvous… When Prince Harrison of Countavia deciphers a coded love note on an invitation to The Wharf’s outlawed Wintertide...

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  • The Risk Taker

    Cathryn Fox

    April 08, 2019

    Jamie: In the NHL, I’m known as the Risk Taker, and I happily lived up to that handle, especially in my private life, until tragedy struck and turned my world inside out. I still play hard on the ice, take chances in every game and reap the rewards when they pay off, but when the buzzer sounds, ending the game, The Risk Taker takes the bench. Off the ice, I’m cautious. No commitments, no tomorrows. Then my late brother’s wife returns to Seattle with her four-year-old son, asking me for...

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  • Up In Flames

    Elle James

    March 26, 2019

    Former Army Ranger Chance Grayson takes chances like his name, he’s the wild child of the Grayson brothers. After his 4th tour to Afghanistan and Iraq, he left the military and returned home to Hellfire, TX. An adrenaline junky he’s afraid to slow down, afraid the memories of war will catch up. He rides a motorcycle and lives at the ranch when not at the fire station. A former dog handler in the Army, Kate Bradley left the military and adopted her military war dog. She hired onto the...

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  • Mastering Rayne

    Becca Jameson

    April 23, 2019

    Secrets can turn into lies if they’re kept for too long… For Rayne, guarding deep family secrets is a way of life. It’s ingrained. It prevents her from ever getting close to anyone. Colin is building a new life in Denver. He has a club to open, a personal training business to grow, and an abused sister to rescue. Rayne and Colin have known each other for years, but they’ve never scened together. Until now… A chance meeting in a club can change everything. There’s just one...

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  • Rising Tides

    Rebecca Royce

    April 01, 2019

    An embrace can offer comfort… Amber Delacroix Chen reunited with her husbands only to have to send them off to war. Now a doctor, she works tirelessly to patch up the wounded to send them back to the front lines while protecting the people at the heart of the Chen Empire. She delivers babies, tends to the injured, the lost, and even her fellow physicians, everyone—except herself. Thankfully, she has her very own Z Warriors who will lay down their lives to protect her. After years of...

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  • For the Least Among Us

    Candace Sams

    April 01, 2019

    We can learn a lot from animals…mostly, how to treat each other! This is a very short essay on the direction of kindness in the world. And it’s about hope. It’s for anyone and everyone who ever loved an animal with all your heart.

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