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So, I did a thing…

So, I did a thing… Isn’t that how it always starts when someone does something they weren’t really sure of at first but did it anyway and now are so glad they did? Yeah, that’s me.

Let me explain. I’ve been a published romance author four years now, and yes, I’m one of those writers you’ve heard or read about that’s been writing forever and has now made it. Well, almost. I may not be a USA Today Bestseller, but I’ve been a participating author in three bestselling anthologies. And I wish I could say my royalties pay my bills, but that’s be a gross overstatement. I’m also one of those writers that’s spending more on promotion than I make in royalties. Why, you ask? Because I love writing! And I want to reach readers! I love creating a fun, sexy, humorous story that readers will enjoy. And I guess I’m doing it, because I love hearing back from readers that they are in fact enjoying my work.

When I told myself I was going to write and become published, I very briefly considered self-publishing. But that road honestly intimidated me. I just wanted to write and let others handle everything else. So I began submitting to Indie Publishers, and when my work was accepted, I was thrilled! I wrote, they ran me through edits, made the covers, and put my work up at digital retailers. Easy peasy, right? I thought so. And I’m ever-so-grateful that my work is out there!

But as I began to learn more and connect with other authors and creatives, I began to rethink self-publishing. And as industry trends and views began to change, self-published authors (Indie Authors) were gaining more exposure and kudos. Because a great story is a great story, no matter how it’s published.

This summer I had the honor of collaborating with some great Indie Authors for a romance anthology. It was a fun, eye-opening journey, and I’m so glad I took part in the project. We knew the anthology would have a limited life span, so when it came time to think about what to do with my story after the antho, I thought I’d use it as a freebie in promotions. But then I reconsidered and thought, why not make the most of this story I love and know others will love too? Why not be rewarded for my time and efforts? Why not use this story as my jump into self-publishing?

So, I did! After a small revision, I uploaded my manuscript to a platform that is publishing my story Wide – meaning not just at Amazon, but many digital retailers, including platforms that supply libraries with ebooks. Now this may not seem like a big deal to some, but it’s definitely a big deal to me! (Over-thinker perfectionist that I am.) And will I be doing more? Absolutely! (I have three more projects in the works slated for release between Feb-May 2022.) Will I also continue to submit to Indie Publishers? No doubt I will because I’ve loved working with and supporting them as well as the terrific Indie Authors with whom I’ve connected.

With all that being said, I present to you, Kiss Me at Sunset. A later-in-life, relatable, humorous, steamy novella I hope will make you laugh and sigh. (Probably fan yourself too!)

It releases October 11th and is up for pre-order.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, so happy reading!

One person who comments will win a $10 Amazon gift card! KISS ME AT SUNSET is available at:

Laura M. Baird

Laura M. Baird

I strive to bring readers thought-provoking stories filled with sexy romance, excitement and fun, laughter and emotion. Hubby and I are U. S. Army veterans and many of my stories include military themes or references. When not writing or reading, we’re enjoying life and family in the Pacific Northwest. I love to engage with readers and writers, so visit my website for more.

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16 thoughts on “So, I did a thing…”

  1. Colleen C. says:

    Congrats! Wishing the very best with your books!

    1. Laura M. Baird says:

      Thank you!

  2. bn100 says:

    sounds interesting

    1. Laura M. Baird says:

      Love to hear your thoughts should you decide to read. 😉

  3. Laura M. Baird says:

    Many thanks to Writerspace and their amazing staff for allowing authors like me to reach you readers!

    I’ve been asked if this story will be available at Amazon, and it absolutely will – on release day, 10/11!

  4. Jennifer R says:

    looking forward to reading this book

    1. Laura M. Baird says:

      Yay! 😉

  5. Patt O'Neil says:

    Rock on, my sister! Someday you’ll have to teach me how to do this.

    1. Laura M. Baird says:

      Thank you! Happy to always lend a helping hand! 🙂

  6. Amber says:

    Will (or do) you do hard copies AKA real books? And everyone loves a 💋 at sunset 🌄 !

    1. Laura M. Baird says:

      At this time, unfortunately I won’t be offering print copies of this book…but that could change in the future with the possibilities of a boxset.

  7. Congratulations on your soon to be released new book. Kiss Me At Sunset sounds like a delightful, charming laughter-filled book and one thing we all need these days is to be able to smile and laugh a little bit more.

    1. Laura M. Baird says:

      Thank you! We definitely need more light-hearted moments to take us away.

  8. GB says:

    Congrats on the soon to released new book and the leap into self-publishing. I am a reader and the latter sounds like it would be quite daunting.

    1. Laura M. Baird says:

      Thank you! I’m excited for new ventures.

  9. Laura M. Baird says:

    Thank you, everyone for your interest and comments. Amber is my winner and has been notified.

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