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Roxanne Rustand asks, has your life ever changed in an instant?

Have you ever thought about how many times your life has taken an abrupt turn—for good, or for bad?

A late-night phone call.  A piece of mail you didn’t expect.  A chance meeting. The unexpected loss of someone you loved.  A last-minute change of plans that led you to something very different.  Mine sure changed a moment after being dumped by my college boyfriend.

Years ago, he and I were at his veterinary fraternity party, where he abruptly announced he was moving on and then completely ignored me.  I was stunned, frozen in place.

While in the throes of all of the typical emotions—mostly a painful sense of loss over the guy I had thought was perfect, a stranger walked up to me at the party. A nice guy, though I certainly wasn’t interested in anyone at that moment, but we struck up a conversation about politics. And then we kept encountering each other by chance on campus. In August, we will have our 46th anniversary!

On May 17th I have a new book out in my Montana Secrets series,  titled FINAL WITNESS, and chance plays a huge part in that heroine’s life as well. The Witness Protection Program doesn’t save her dad’s life, and now she is on the run, trying to escape his killers and find anonymity and safety in some small town in a remote area of Montana. She narrowly misses capture at a busy truck stop by hiding in a random horse trailer. But when that rancher discovers her, will he turn her in, or will he give her the refuge she needs?

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Has an abrupt, surprising event ever had a significant impact on your life?  Leave a comment, and you’ll be in a drawing for an e-copy of FINAL ESCAPE, another book in my Montana Secrets series!

Wishing you a wonderful spring,

Roxanne Rustand

Roxanne Rustand

Roxanne Rustand

Roxanne Rustand is the award-winning author of forty romantic suspense and heart-warming romance novels for Superromance, Heartwarming, Everlasting, Love Inspired, Love Inspired Suspense, and the sweet (clean and wholesome) romance genre. You can find her new releases at: and find her blog or newsletter sign-up form at: https:// She's living her childhood dream while living on an acreage in the country with her husband, three horses, a golden retriever rescue, a rambunctious puppy, and six fluffy barn cats--a much smaller menagerie than when their three kids were still at home. Ranches, animals, and small-town life frequently find their way into her books.

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5 thoughts on “Roxanne Rustand asks, has your life ever changed in an instant?”

  1. Colleen C. says:

    Congrats on your upcoming anniversary! Wow 46 years! 🙂 A few things over the years have had an impact on my life, but nothing drastic.

    1. Roxanne Rustand says:

      Thank you, Colleen. It’s hard to believe the years have flown by so fast!

  2. bn100 says:

    not really

  3. Debra Hicks says:

    Hello Author Roxanne, I have to start with Wow! 40 books! That’s quite an accomplishment. Congratulations to you! Plus Happy 46th Anniversary to you and your husband! Thank you for sharing your story of how your life took an abrupt turn that froze you in your tracks. I enjoyed reading it. I have a life changing event to share with you. At 28 years old I had my son. He has down syndrome. Dealing with the unknown was undescribable. Yet, I knew in my heart that it was going to be a beautiful life because I didn’t believe in coincidence. He is 31 years old now and life as his mom has been beautiful because of him. That one precious event and the past 31 years has taught me a few things. That life is beautiful where you are. Always embrace, love, and be grateful where you are, and always know blessings are all around you. You just have to embrace each moment and live in the now. Blessings often do come disguised as something else. We have to know in our hearts that all will be ok, because we will focus on all the good in any situation. We have to accept our journey and look for the light in all situations as well as be a light for others. I’m glad to have discovered you on Writerspace. You’re a new to me author. I look forward to reading your books. Sincerely, Debra Hicks

    1. Roxanne Rustand says:

      What an incredible, heartwarming post. I so agreed with you.

      We have a Downs child in our family, the grandchild of my sister-in-law, and he is so loved by his small town community and in school. Such an active, sweet boy!

      Blessings to you and your family,

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