posted on November 6, 2015 by Sharon Hamilton

Rockin’ and Writin’

by Sharon Hamilton

GliderYou know that old saying, “If the trailer’s rockin’ don’t come a knockin’. I’m hoping to continue to rock the romance world with new SEAL and other stories, and I’m setting up my whole world with my new 1950 Glider, a blast from the past. Taking delivery on Tuesday, I’ll be customizing it to fit my personal needs: inspiration, a place to read with my legs propped up, not having to turn down my music, fixing myself coffee or tea, taking a nap, and uninterrupted writing sprints. Such is the life of a writer.

Ultimate Seal Collection 2I look at the Glider as an investment in my career. We are a strange lot, we writers. We have to have our own sacred space, or the stories are harder (not impossible) to dish out. Some of us write best in our PJs, some with candles, music. Having a writing cottage, like the Tiny House phenom, was something I’ve dreamed of. Pricing out the construction, even buying a ready-made house was more expensive than me getting this vintage trailer. And who knows what stories it could tell, right? I mean, as I work on my first novella here, the story about a Nashville star who becomes a Navy SEAL, I band of bachelors lucasdiscovered from the former owner and restorer, that this trailer used to be owned by a country singer from Nashville and he toured in it.

Most writers can write anywhere, or learn to. This is just one more way of adding more spice to my psyche as I mentally travel down the road in my “Romance Glider”

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Sharon Hamilton

Sharon Hamilton

NYT and USA/Today and Amazon Top 100 Bestselling Author Sharon Hamilton's SEAL Brotherhood series have earned her Amazon author rankings of #1 in Romantic Suspense, Military Romance and Contemporary Romance. Her new Brotherhood stand-alone series are: Bad Boys of SEAL Team 3, Band of Bachelors, True Blue SEALs, and Nashville SEALs. Her SEALs and former SEALs have invested in two wineries and a brewery in Sonoma County, which have become part of the new stories. But old characters keep returning to all the newer books. A lifelong organic vegetable and flower gardener, Sharon and her husband live in the Wine Country of Northern California, where most of her stories take place.

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4 thoughts on “Rockin’ and Writin’”

  1. Avatar julie says:

    Congrats on the romance rider. Can’t wait to see the pics when it’s all done and dolled out. All the best with the stories your going to tell from it

    1. To be sure Julie, I’ll be posting pictures. You know how much I love my red things… Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Avatar Charlene says:

    Congrats! Can’t wait to read the stories that come from your “new” trailer. Looks like a fun place to create great reads for your fans.

    1. Thanks, Charlene, I am in Heaven.

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