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Ready or Not!

christmas in savage bayReady or not, the holiday is upon us!  Are your stockings hung?  Is your tree trimmed?  Are all the packages wrapped?  The cookies baked?  Or are you frantically searching online or running around the mall?  Are you like me?  Did you discover at this last moment that you don’t have enough sugar for the cookies or enough tissue paper to fill the gift bags?  This year, I finished my shopping early and was feeling pretty smug about it.  Unfortunately, I just didn’t check the sugar canister or make sure I could actually wrap the gifts.  So the smug feeling I had that I was DONE went up in smoke like Santa up the chimney.

But I’m not going to get too worried about it.  In fact, I may just skip the cookies and the tissue paper.  I may just put on the All-Christmas-Music-All-The-Time radio station, make myself a mug of hot chocolate, throw the Yule Log on the TV, and read a good book.  I’ve already loaded my ebook reader with holiday books and borrowed a few classics from the library.  What I will NOT do today is fret about what I have not done!

If you’re choosing holiday books this year, I hope you’ll add mine to your list.  CHRISTMAS IN SAVAGE BAY is my first holiday book, my first contemporary romance that is NOT a paranormal, and the first book in my Savage Bay Series.  I had a ton of fun creating this series and the men and women who live and love in my seaside Connecticut village.  The thing to remember about Savage Bay–it’s where all the men need taming and the women are up to the task!

CHRISTMAS IN SAVAGE BAY stars Reed Savage and Kara Sinclair.  When Reed returns to his hometown to confront his past, falling in love is not on his agenda.  But when Kara Sinclair kisses him beneath the mistletoe, he knows one thing for sure, he definitely has time for a holiday fling.

Kara Sinclair has no plans for falling in love either, but she definitely wants more than kisses beneath the mistletoe.  Can she accept what Reed is offering . . . a casual fling with a New Year’s Eve deadline?

CHRISTMAS IN SAVAGE BAY is a tale with men in kilts, mistletoe, sleds, steamy romance, and even a touch of arson!  Oh, and it’s on sale until January 10th!

So make the hot chocolate, fire up the Yule log, and lose yourself in a holiday romance!  My family and I wish you and yours a very Happy and Healthy Holiday Season!

Ann Lawrence

Ann Lawrence

I was born in Gillingham, Kent, England, and then moved to suburban Philadelphia where I still live. I have a great husband who always picks up the slack for me! I also have a handsome son and a beautiful daughter . . . they take after their dad!

I love reading and writing both historical and paranormal romance, but whichever genre I choose, I like to include a puzzle for the reader to solve along with the characters.

I’m super excited that my books are being reissued as ebooks. As someone who is addicted to reading, I’m never without my ebook reader. Here’s what’s happening with my books . . .

My “lords” are coming out now. You can download the books by clicking on their titles.




My “Tolemac Wars” series is coming this summer and fall:




I want to thank my many readers who kept in touch with me during my hiatus from publishing while I was undergoing a battle with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia. I’m happy to say I feel great and am in remission again. If you ever need a charity to adopt, I highly recommend the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. The medicines I received did not exist five years before I was diagnosed! They are making strides against blood disorders every day.

Check me out on Facebook and if you join my mailing list, I’ll let you know as each of my books becomes available for download.

Warmest Regards,


“Ann Lawrence. . . captures the reader on the first page.” —RT Book Reviews

“Ann Lawrence has shown her versatility as a writer, alternating between a virtual fantasy series and her medieval historical romances. The common denominator between the two is the strength of her heroines, and the courage of her heroes, as they fight seemingly insurmountable odds to grab the brass ring.”
—Leslie Tramposch, ParaNormalRomance

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