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Once in a Lifetime coverDear Readers,

I did something different this time, something I’ve always wanted to do.  I wrote the Mean Girl.  I wrote her all grown up and grappling with her regrets and mistakes.  I wrote her making the big girl decision to go back and right her wrongs.  She makes a list, checks it twice, and goes for it.  Problem is, she’s falling for a guy, and he’s falling back.

And he’s on her list.

And he doesn’t even know it.

I have to say it was great fun putting poor Aubrey through the wringer, trying to right all her wrongs, and getting a taste of her own medicine while she was doing it.

And of course the sexy, hot guy she wants so badly wasn’t too hard to live with as I wrote him.  By the time I’d finished the book, I wanted smart, strong, grumpy (and did I mention HOT) Ben McDaniel for myself.

So what happens when Ben realizes he’s on the list?  Does Aubrey get her man in spite of all the odds?  You do know I’m not going to tell, right?

Hope you enjoy ONCE IN A LIFETIME.  It’s kinda one of my favorites, which is a little bit like telling one of the kids they’re my favorite.  So … don’t tell the others, okay?  Happy Reading!  Jill Shalvis

Jill Shalvis

Jill Shalvis

Jill Shalvis is the best-selling, award-winning author of over three dozen novels. She’s been on the Waldenbooks Bestsellers list, the Barnes and Noble Top 100, the Amazon bestsellers list, and also Ingram’s. She’s a Rita Award nominee, a two-time National Reader’s Choice Award winner, and has been nominated for Romantic Timess’ Career Achievement Award in Romantic Comedy, Best Duets and Best Temptation.

She lives near Lake Tahoe with her family, too many curious bears and grumpy raccoons, who regularly throw pine cones at her when she?s working on her deck.

Jill posts about her crazy adventures on her website.

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