As promised, more on how I ended up in Arizona.
Hint: I sailed in...well, sorta.


Calm bay in Mexico

When my late hubby and I retired from our respective careers, we put everything that wasn't sold into an 8x10 locker and sailed our 47 ft. Hylas sailboat to Mexico where we heard the water was warm and the people were friendly.
Warm water and sunny days? Check!
Lovely people? Check!
Cartels and scoundrels? This wasn't on the check list!

Our first port of call after San Diego was Ensenada where an entire family, mother, father, children and grandparents had been lined up against a wall and shot to death.

Meanwhile, in the marina, a flashy yacht owner was detained by the Federales for the FBI. He turned out to be a fraud and a thief.

Out of stories like these, I wrote two romantic suspense novels linking two American sisters who sail to Mexico and find love, trouble and a bald parrot.

A lovely American detective's idyllic sail to Mexico ends when she comes face to face with her unfortunate past. But her stumble is just what this handsome Federal Investigator needs for his most recent murder case involving a cartel connected, American suspect. The couple's growing attraction wouldn't be so bad, if only they can bring a vicious killer to justice before they become the next victims.

Available now on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited.

In a desperate attempt to raise deadly cargo before the next hurricane hits Baja Mexico, Chechen arms dealers target a U.S. bound sailor to be their sacrificial diver. Meanwhile, a beautiful TV soap queen will discover his secret, but before she can take action a storm bears down on them and survival will change everything.

Available now on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited.

Mexico is wonderful in the winter; smooth sailing and warm days, but summer is hot, muggy and hurricane season so we soon had a winter home in South East Arizona where it was only a six hour drive to the marina in the Sea of Cortez where we kept our sailboat.

And then I discovered how much fun Arizona can be. Did I say fun? Some people sure have a strange idea of what's fun! More next month.

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