Why do the first three books in my Dead Red Mystery series feature a woman Aero-Ag pilot? Well, you know what they say; write what you know, and because I grew up on a farm where my dad operated an Aero-Ag aka crop dusting business until the late 1970's, I knew a lot about pilots and crop-duster pilots.

I don't think I ever really understood how hard he worked, as a pilot and a farmer, until I took over the office work for two long seasons. Summers were a revolving door of smarmy pilots, cranky ground crew and panicky farmers, and if it rained, sleep was just a suggestion.

My dad and his first crop-duster.

It was also an introduction to a life most young women never get a chance to experience... but who wants to join a madhouse like that? Oh, yeah, me.

My son on the right.

Here's something you may not know about me; my son, John, followed in his grand-father's path as an Aero-Ag pilot, but tragically died at age 40 in a work-related crash.

For five years to the day of his death I wrote nothing. Then on the anniversary of his death, I picked up my unfinished 3rd book in the series and completed A DEAD RED OLEANDER.

As it happened, A DEAD RED OLEANDER is the last book with my protagonist as an Ag-Pilot. Books #4, #5, #6 and #7 are all based in Southern Arizona. And yes, I moved Lalla and her entire family here!

Want to know how I ended up in Arizona?
Hint: I sailed in!

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