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Murder, Mayhem and the Mutt

Black-and-white Miniature American Shepherd dog, Mac, 19 months old, sittingPets are the best! They are our constant companions, love us when we’re bitchy and in our sloppy PJs with no hair combed and when we have the flu. And they train us really well.

And here I thought we were supposed to train them! Ha!

Pet joke:  What side of the door does the cat like to be on? The other side. That’s why I jump up and down the whole blasted night while trying to watch TV to let my cat in and out of the porch. Am I a well trained owner or what!

And then there’s the food issue. Every three days I bake my cat chicken thighs. Not breasts or legs or wings…but thighs. Then cut into small pieces and served room temp. Not cold and not hot.

And then we have the water glass issue. Know that snotty white cat on TV who eats his kibble out of a crystal glass…that’s my cat’s water bowl. Good grief.

My Project 21-001I have two cats, Spooky and Dr. Watson. Dr. Watson was supposed to be for my son, a gift from my daughter. Yeah, right. We all know how the pet for the kid thing works…parents get the pet! And I got Spooky out of the grocery store parking lot. He was living in the cart area. I herd this pitiful meow and suddenly had a new cat in my life.

If I didn’t have cats I’d have a dog. I know they are more work but they are always happy. Something about a wagging tail will cure any depression, a gift from the pet gods.

In the Consignment Shop Mysteries I have Bruce Willis…the canine Bruce Willis. In Demise in Denim out in April BW and Reagan have an anniversary. Here’s an excerpt to give you a feel of how they feel about each other.

Demise in Denim Demise in Denim

        “I have a prezzie for you,” I sing-songed to BW now wagging his tail as we crossed KiKi’s front yard that butted up to mine. I opened the backdoor of Cherry House, went to the fridge and pulled out a little white box and headed for the front porch, BW’s nail tapping across the hardwood floor as he followed me. We sat together on the top step and I opened the box.

      “Do you remember what today is?” I took a chicken McNugget from the box and split it in two. I popped half in my mouth and fed the other to BW.

      “One year ago you and I became BFFs. I was in a bad way and you weren’t any better. We’d both been abandoned. You were hiding under this very porch though then there wasn’t a hole the roof. I shared my McNuggets with you.”

       I broke another one in half. “I’d just opened the Prissy Fox. I needed money to keep the house going and I had a closet full of designer clothes I didn’t need since my ex kicked me to the curb.”

       BW only seemed marginally interested in my sentimental walk down memory lane. I kissed him on the snout and he gobbled a McNugget right from the box. “So here we are, just the two of us, one year later. Any chance you’ll start doing the laundry any time soon?”

       I got an eye roll I swear I really did.

    “Vacuum maybe?”

       BW chomped two nuggets.

      “Are you happy?”

       This time I got a burp and doggy head in my lap. I took that as a yes.

DSCN2704In Geared for the Grave there are two cats, Bambino and Cleveland who help me figure out who-done-it on a regular basis. Cats have amazing instincts…or maybe they’re just good listeners.

Tell me about your pet and I’ll give away two Demise in Denim lunch totes from the answers.

Have a barking-good day.


Demise in Denim can be purchased in mass market paperback or eBook format

Duffy Brown

Duffy Brown

and then there’s the romance side of Duffy Brown... I am also Dianne Castell

As a USA Today bestselling author, I wrote for Kensington and Harlequin, won Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Award, HOLT-Medallion Award, been on the cover of Romantic Times Magazine and included in Rhapsody Book Club, Doubleday Book Club and made the Waldenbooks Bestseller list.

15 thoughts on “Murder, Mayhem and the Mutt”

  1. duffybrown says:

    Thanks for having me at Writerspace and talking about Demise in Denim, the fifth book in my Consignment Shop Mysteries set in Savannah. And Bruce Willis…the other BW…is always a big part of the story. Usually he’s a really bad watchdog but as they say…every Dog Has HIs Day. Hugs, Duffy.

  2. Liz Straw says:

    I have a cat and dog. Louie is six? Years old and a Border collie mix. He lost his tail before he was a year old. But I know when he is happy. He does help with my depression. Those walks are good for both of us. George is a calico that I rescued from a garage. She is half feral. Dog and cat love to play together. When they both get the zoomies together, watch out!

    1. duffybrown says:

      Hi, LIz. My son had depression and got a rescue dog who rescued my son! Nothing better than pets. God bless the fur babies.

  3. angiey1974 says:

    We have two dogs and one cat. Goose is our oldest dog. He is named after Maverick’s wing man in the movie Top Gun. McKenna is our newest dog. She is named after Elise McKenna from the movie Somewhere In Time. Yes I’m that obsessed with that movie and Mackinac Island. LOL!! Then we have our cat Holstein. He is a black and white tuxedo. And was as fat as a little holstein cow when he was born, hence the name.

    1. duffybrown says:

      I love Top Gun. I think I know the dialogue by heart. I looove Mackinac Island too. Such a lovely place. Holstein is a fantastic name! I see this winding up in one of my books. Thanks for chatting.

  4. Carol Brown says:

    I’m a dog person. There is absolutely NOTHING like coming home from a bad day at work (or a good one!) and being greeted by a waggy tail….so waggy, in fact, that the whole body wags! My first dog was an Old English Sheepdog (born in 1976, died in 1989). Since her, I’ve had a sheltie/golden retriever/chow mix, and after him, a succession of three Shih Tzu. (These were my own dogs; my parents had an Old English Sheepdog–mine’s littermate brother–and after him, the first Shih Tzu in our family, and one more shih Tzu after that (shared with me, since I and my first Shih Tzu had moved in with them by that time.) So, together, I claim total or partial ownership to two Old English Sheepdogs, one “mutt”–usually lovable, but there were times when some very undesirable traits came out in him–and five Shih Tzu.

    1. duffybrown says:

      Hi, Carol. What a wonderful family tree. You certainly are a dog person. Old English Sheepdogs are beautiful. They are all so lucky to have you in their lives.

  5. susan emans says:

    I am a veterinarian, so I have a lot of pets. My heart dog was my first Belgian Malinois, 50#, and all attitude. I trained him in police patrol and narcotics work. We had a blast together, and he could do the job better than the certified police dogs. I only had him 7 years before he died from a rare side effect of chemotherapy for lymphoma. He was not perfect, but he was mine.

    1. duffybrown says:

      Oh what a heartbreak. He sounds like an amazing dog. He was so lucky to have found you. Cancer is so horrible to us all. Hugs, Duffy.

  6. Joan V. says:

    The patio door was open on a nice fall day. In walked this black and white cat with amber colored eyes. She walked around and check my home out, jumped on the couch and made herself at home. We’ve been together about 12 years now. She has me well trained.

    1. duffybrown says:

      Oh Joan, what a delightful story! I see that going in a book. I always feel that we don’t find cats, they find us. Hugs, Duffy.

  7. judy hoyt says:

    My pomerain thinks he’s a human and knows golf ettiuqette!!!!he won
    first place in a local dog show for the babyface .loves golf carts, he tried to ride on some ladies scooter!~!!

    1. duffybrown says:

      Oh, Judy, now that’s a dog! I almost adopted a pomerain. They are so smart. I have two cats and they are not into dogs but one of these days…

  8. suekey12 says:

    I’ve never had any human children so my 2 beagles and 2 cats are my family.,

    1. duffybrown says:

      Hi, Sue! You bet they are your family and a lovely family indeed. I have two cats and don’t know what I’d do without them. Hugs, Duffy.

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