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ChristmasMainStreetWhen I started out to write “The Christmas Gift,” I quickly realized that setting a story during the mad rush of the holidays takes more than “verbally” tossing in a few strands of tinsel and calling it good. It’s also more than piping in Christmas carols wherever my hero and heroine happen to be in the story.

Instead, what I needed to concentrate on the things that evoke the real spirit of the season. For most of us, that’s spending quality time with friends and family. They are what matters—and all of those gifts we spend time and money on serve as a reminder of that fact. This was the idea that played a major role in the story I was writing.

Another major part of holiday preparation for me is the time I spend in the kitchen, baking all my family’s favorite Christmas cookies. They’ll eat anything I bake, but there are three kinds of cookies that HAVE to be there or I’d have a rebellion on my hands. Sure, they taste great, but it’s the tradition that’s really important. They enhance not only this year’s family gathering, but also the memories of Christmases past and the people we shared them with.

So as Bridey’s and Seth’s story came to life in my mind, I wanted to make the focus of their love the gifts they created for each other. Those needed to be made with love and an understanding that came for their growing love for each other. Each worked with the tools of their craft. For Bridey, it was cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger. For Seth, it involved his favorite chisel and a beautiful piece of wood.

I liked that each gift not only showcased the artistry of its creator, but also evoked what was important to the recipient. Bridey’s gift to Seth was a tribute to the one person who had always been there for him. Seth’s present for her honored the new life she’d built for herself on the ashes of her past.

jpeg headshotOnce I had those parts in place, then it was easy to wrap the story in the beauty of  falling snow, Christmas lights, and the soft strains of a favorite carol.

Speaking of traditions, what does your family do every year that makes the season just that much more special?


Alexis Morgan

Alexis Morgan

USA Today Best-selling author Alexis Morgan has always loved reading and now spends her days imagining worlds filled with strong alpha heroes and gutsy heroines. She is the author of over forty-five novels, novellas, and short stories that span a variety of genres: American West historicals (as Pat Pritchard); paranormal and fantasy romances; and contemporary romances. She is excited to say that next year will also see the release of her first cozy mystery series. Alexis has been nominated for several industry awards, including the RITA, the top award in the romance genre.

4 thoughts on “MORE THAN THE TINSEL”

  1. Avatar Kim Van Houten says:

    My husband and I started a tradition our first Christmas together that we’ve continued through 16 years of marriage and one child. Every year, just after putting up our tree, we go somewhere and buy special ornaments — just one ornament each, sometimes they coordinate, sometimes they don’t. When we get back home we each hang ‘our’ ornament on the tree. The search for the right ornaments can take us to multiple stores and usually a lunch or dinner out, a fun family time together.

    1. What a lovely tradition! I find the ornaments that mean the most are the ones that we connect with special memories. I have close to fifty hand tatted snowflakes from a favorite aunt. She’s gone now, but she’s always “with” me at Christmas when I hang them on the tree.


  2. Avatar Marjorie Roberts says:

    I loved your story in Christmas on Main Street. I just finished the book Saturday night. I will definitely read more of your books! On Christmas, we go to my daughter and son-in-laws house and celebrate with them, my son-in-law’s mom, and our two delightful granddaughters. I love to watch them squeal with joy and share in our love of Christmas and for each other.

    1. Marjorie,
      I’m so glad you enjoyed Bridey’s and Seth’s story! That means a lot to me. Watching kids open Christmas presents is such a blast! They take such joy in even simple things.


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