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Make It Happen

by Donna Every

DonnaEveryeBookCover01_Artboard 2One of the greatest joys I have as a writer is to create something from nothing. While I am an advocate of e-books, and do most of my reading that way, there is something special about holding a printed copy of your book in your hand and knowing that it was nothing but a thought in your head that you made into something tangible.

My novel What Now? is my latest example of this and it is special because it stretched me in a number of ways. After I finished my novel, The Price of Freedom, which was my first venture into historical romance writing, I had ideas for two follow up novels but they were not ready to be birthed.  So I sought for inspiration for a story and the thought came to me to write a contemporary romance about an unfulfilled rock star.

Days later, I was driving my son to school and I heard the song “Faithfully” by Journey on the radio, which is about a musician being on the road and writing a letter to tell his wife that he was being faithful. I thought that was a sign but after the song finished and I turned to another station the song that was playing was “What Now?” By Rihanna and that confirmed the idea and gave me the title of the book as well.

About halfway through the book I found that it wasn’t flowing as I wanted and writing was difficult. By that time it was the middle of April, a month after Women’s International Day themed 2015 as the year to “Make It Happen”. So I threw out a challenge to my Facebook friends not to let April end without making something happen and I declared that I would finish the first draft of my book by April 30.

Cover-WHAT-NOW-ART-NEWThat was one of the hardest challenges that I ever faced because it meant writing about eighteen chapters in two weeks. Many nights I literally fell asleep at my computer, but I knew that I had to persevere and finish that first draft.  I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it and I also didn’t want to lose face with my Facebook friends.

In the end I completed the first draft on May 1 (a day later) and I had such a feeling of joy and accomplishment! Having written and re-written it, I am delighted that What Now? is finally being released on Amazon Kindle store this week and will soon be followed by the paperback that I can hold.

Not only has that experience shown me that I have the ability to persevere and make things happen, but it has given me the desire to share my story and encourage other people to do the same. So if you’re struggling to complete something, I have a free e-book Make It Happen – Success Strategies on my website that you can download to help you Make It Happen.

WHAT NOW? can be purchased in eBook format for: 

Donna Every

Donna Every

Donna Every is a motivational speaker, personal change specialist and author. She lives on the beautiful island of Barbados with her husband, two children and four dogs. Her house is in the middle of the 166 sq. mile island, in one of the only two parishes with no beach.

Donna was an accountant who left the profession to pursue her dream of being a motivational speaker who evolved into an author along the way. She was featured on the cover of Personal Excellence magazine and articles based on her books What Do You Have in Your House? Surviving in Times of Financial Crisis and The Merger Mogul were featured in over 40 publications and websites such as Yahoo! Finance,,, and She was listed as one of Barbados Today’s Women Inspiring Change for International Women’s Day 2014.

Donna enjoys writing both historical and contemporary romance novels. In 2013 she released her first historical romance, The Price of Freedom, which was set in Barbados and Carolina in 1696. Her latest novel What Now? is a compelling contemporary rock star romance.

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