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Love’s Inferno: Why Sex Needs To Be Part of the Story

I’ve written a book with no sex scenes, The Curse of the Brimstone Contract. I’ve written a book full of sex scenes, Carnal Blessings.

The difference between those books was not whether I was in the mood to write sex scenes or that the market demanded sex scenes.

Instead, the decision to write a book steeped in sex was a result of what was necessary for the characters and the story being told about them.

Love’s Inferno, new this month, arose out of a question I’d pondered: how do three make a family?

The conflict about the characters in Love’s Inferno centers around sex and a particular type of sex, BDSM, as well. The sex is how they communicate, it’s how they discover intimacy, and how they fall in love.

Matt Hawkins aka Hawk is a gifted man, able to heal his body of nearly any injury with his telekinetic talent. But he never had emotionally stability as a child. He’s learned to love his talent and that means he’s learned to love the pain that must be inflicted before his telekinesis heals him.

Lis Hawkins, who runs a bar for superheroes, loves her husband, Hawk, but she remembers the pain inflicted as part of his tortured upbringing. She’s reluctant to be the one who hurts him as an adult, even though she knows Hawk wants it. It’s one thing to understand her husband’s needs intellectually. It’s another thing to deal with her emotional block about causing him pain.

Ike is Lis’s friend, has a serious crush on Hawk, he’s an experienced Dom, and he jumps at the offer to help the pair in their fetish scenes. He believes he’s emotionally ready to handle participating, as Dom, in the scenes and stepping back afterward.

But Ike discovers he’s not ready for the flood of emotions from the scenes, not just his growing love for Hawk, but his growing joy at having another domme, Lis, accept him into her family.

It’s a three-way emotional bond that grows over time, acted out during intense BDSM scenes in the story. I imagine these scenes aren’t for everyone. Because Hawk can heal himself, it takes a high degree of pain and damage to get him off completely. That means the knife play is bloody and the fireplay is intense.

And, yet, I believe it’s one of the most sentimental stories I’ve ever written. My core story is taking loners and given them a family, and I’ve never enjoyed writing a family more than I enjoyed writing about Hawk, Lis, and Ike.

Love’s Inferno is how three people learn to love each other fully, though not in the same way. Hawk, who’s bisexual, loves Lis and Ike, intensely, intimately, and sexually. Lis and Ike each love Hawk back the same way.

But though Lis and Ike’s love is not sexual, it’s as intimate emotionally as any of the other bonds.

Writing how these three reach for hope, for love, and each other was a joy.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading about them as well.

Corrina Lawson

Corrina Lawson

Corrina is a writer, mom, geek and occasional superhero. She's a former newspaper reporter with a degree in journalism from Boston University, she works from home writing romance novels with a geeky twist and as the Content Director of Her novels include The Curse of the Brimstone Contract, a romantic steampunk mystery; the award-winning and USA Today-recognized superhero romance series, the Phoenix Institute, which includes: Phoenix Rising, Luminous, Phoenix Legacy, Ghost Phoenix, Ghosts of Christmas Past, and Phoenix Inheritance; and the erotic Freya's Gift, a tale of Vikings in North America and a fertility ritual.

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