posted on July 31, 2018 by Mary J. Williams


by Mary J. Williams

As July wanes into August—the dog days of summer—I stopped this morning and asked myself a question. Have I forgotten the little things in life?

You know what I mean. Life is so busy. We rush from here to there and often all we think about is what’s next. We worry so much about tomorrow, we miss today.

Don’t get me wrong. I can’t spend all my time contemplating the petals of a rose or staring upward while I imagine how one cloud looks like an elephant and the other a race car. However, each day has moments we can savor. Little things. Memorable things. The feel of sunshine on your face. The smell of rain, or coffee brewing, or bacon frying. The sound of laughter. The sound of nothing at all—blessed silence.

Each day is fleeting. Each season goes by in a blur. The year is half over, and just the other day someone mentioned the holidays. The holidays? Really? Give me a break! Breathe, people. Enjoy the moment. Enjoy each other.

In other words, enjoy the little things. Life is short—too short. Don’t get so caught up in the future you forget to live for today.

Mary J. Williams

Mary J. Williams

It Has Always Been My Dream To Write A Book

And I always knew it would be a romance novel. When I was a teenager I assumed my book would have a historical setting, those were the kinds of stories I liked best, I even grew my hair long so I could be like the heroines in my favorite stories. But now I see myself and my books in the present dealing with the joys and sorrows of our modern world. Harper Falls is a place my imagination dreamed up, but it is based in reality. I grew up in Washington State and went to school in a small town on the Columbia River. Harper Falls is that town but an idealized version. I hope you enjoy reading about the town and the characters.

And as much as I enjoyed telling their stories, these books are not the end of my dream but the beginning.


  1. Avatar Perrin Larton says:

    We do tend to rush through life, not contemplating our position in the wide world or even in our own world. Taking a moment to just ‘be’ is my prescription for life.

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