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I usually have a lot to say about everything, but writing a blog is a tough thing to do. Especially when you forget you are suppose to do it as I did today. I apologize to everyone for this lapse. I’m just grumpy that on doctor’s orders I’m missing the Romantic Times Conference in Kansas City. All my good buddies will be there, and I had it all planned out for months only to be told at the last minute by my over cautious doc that he didn’t want me to go. I’m not sick. Just had a small kidney difficulty which is clearing up nicely. I figure as long as you can pee your kidneys are find. So I grumble on while everyone calls and sends pictures from Kansas City.

So I’ve gone to work on the last book in my The Silk Merchant’s Daughters series. It’s all about the youngest daughter, Serena, and will be published next April. That’s 2014. Book 3, LUCIANNA, will be out in October. It’s been a fun series to write since I’m in 15th century Florence, Italy. I will, however, much to my editor’s delight, be going back to the British Isles for my next few books. Italy gave me a chance for a break, to do something a little different, and all authors need that now and again.

I am eagerly awaiting some warm weather. The maples in our little community are coming out now, and each day the leaves on the big oak in my front year are growing bigger. The pink dogwood by one of my office window’s is opening its flowers slowly. Despite the chill that remains in the air Spring is here on the North Fork, and cannot be stopped. I’ve suddenly got lots of weeds that need pulling in my flower garden. And as I was looking at them I discovered my kitten, Delilah, a.k.a. Lila, sitting at the top of my dwarf maple! A proud new accomplishment for Lila. At least she isn’t driving my older male feline, Sylvester, crazy as she enjoys doing. Lila is a little devil. I can only hope as she matures she will calm down. But she is so full of life you just can’t resist her.

Well, I suspect that’s just about all the news I have from the North Fork of Eastern Long Island. For those of you who don’t know I live in the oldest English speaking town in New York State, Southold. Come on! Where else would a historical romance novelist live? Anyway I hope you are all having a wonderful day. God bless from your most faithful author, Bertrice Small

Bertrice Small

Bertrice Small

Born in Manhattan, Bertrice Small has lived on eastern Long Island for 26 years, and she loves it! She is a Sagittarian, married to a Pisces, with an Aries son. Her greatest passions are her family; Pookie, Honeybun, and Finnegan, the family cats; Nicki, the ederly cockatiel who whistles the NY Mets charge call; her garden; her work, and just life in general.

She is the author of 31 novels of Historical Romance including THE KADIN (pronounced Kah-deen), and the beloved series "The O'Malley Saga" and "Skye's Legacy". A New York Times bestselling author, she has also appeared on other best-seller lists including Publishers Weekly, USA Today, and the L.A. Times. She is the recipient of numerous awards including Best Historical Romance; Outstanding Historical Romance Series; Career Achievement for Historical Fantasy; and several Reviewers Choice awards from Romantic Times. She has a "Silver Pen" from Affair De Couer, and an Honorable Mention from The West Coast Review of Books.

Bertrice Small is a member of The Authors Guild, Romance Writers of America, and PASIC. She is also a member of RWA's Long Island chapter, L.I.R.W., and is its easternmost member.

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