posted on August 14, 2020 by Lyn Cote

In the Mood for Fun?

We’ve been very serious during this pandemic and turbulent time in our nation and world. So I decided let’s think of something fun!

Will you relate a FUNNY SUMMER memory or an endearing one? Let’s share a feel-good moment in time.

I’ll go first: When I was about eight years old, my parents took us on a  road trip around Lake Michigan. At that time we lived on the western shore of that Great Lake. We drove up through Wisconsin to Upper Peninsula Michigan (the U.P.) where they were building the Mackinac Island bridge (pronounce Mackinaw).

I remember standing on one of those round steps and looking through the binoculars to see them building this long bridge spanning the shore between Upper Michigan and the Island. WOW. The bridge is one of the longest suspension bridges in the world at 5 miles from end to end. For some more history, click .

Then we took a ferry over to the Michigan “Mitten” or Lower Michigan and drove down stopping at ALL the wonderful fruit stands. Michigan grows delicious peaches, cherries, grapes and more–YUM! I can remember the juices dripping down my chin as my big brother and I chowed down! The bridge and fruit are what I recall and the time sitting beside my brother in my dad’s Chevy. I’m sure neither of us ever asked, “Are we there yet?”

My book priced at 75% off through Aug 18th is Bitter Autumn.  It’s set on the shore of Lake Superior. Did you know that if they emptied this lake that all of the US would be under 5ft of water? Now that’s a SUPERIOR lake!

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Will you relate a FUNNY SUMMER memory or an endearing one? One person who comments will win a copy of BITTER AUTUMN.

Lyn Cote

Lyn Cote

USA Today best-selling author of over 40 romances, Lyn Cote writes award-winning contemporary and historical romance. Her brand is "Strong Women, Brave Stories." Her books feature a strong heroine, often a multi-cultural cast of characters and authentic history or contemporary life. She lives with her real life hero in a lakeside cottage in the northwoods with two fun cats. (She loves dogs too. :-)

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3 thoughts on “In the Mood for Fun?”

  1. Avatar April Morin says:

    My family visited Storytown USA when I was a year old and in a stroller. We all walked on the dock, including out puppy, Brownie. She was a great dog for kids – loving, kind, but not very smart. We all stopped at the end of the dock to look out and Brownie…kept walking straight off the dock and into the lake.
    She was the best kids’ dog but probably was more work for my mom than my brother and I were!

  2. The small California town I lived in had a summer library program for children. If a child could read at least 10 books he/she would pass a special program. One summer when I was around 9 years old I decided to join the program and ended up reading 100 books over the summer. I was the only child that read that many books and was very proud of myself.
    Did I say, I just love reading?

  3. Avatar bn100 says:

    biking with family

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