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I’m Only Sweet on the Outside.

Show Me The HoneyI’m the romance author that strangers squint their eyes at and then say, ‘Wow, you don’t look like you’d write those stories.’ Check my website—it even happened on television.

I guess it’s true that our lifestyle ends up being written on our faces. I’ve been with the same man for beaucoup years, I have 2.5 children (okay, one of them is a golden retriever) I take my vitamins, I try not to speed, and I always wear nice undies in case paramedics have to see them—right, like I’m going to get in an accident when I’m so careful, right? But stuff happens, so I’m prepared.

But, I have to rebel somewhere! Which is why I love to write heroes and heroines who bust the rules wide open and let life take them on a wild ride. My heroes are bad-ass alphas and my heroines are feisty enough to take them on. Let the smexy times roll.

Yep, my fantasy life is all about walking on the wild side. Still, I’m me, so I bring my need for true romance along with me. The bigger the hero and his bad-ass attitude, the harder he’s gonna fall and the sweeter his landing in the arms of his perfect heroine—and occasionally another hero too. ‘Cause my fantasies sometimes include ménage.

I live in the cutest lake shore resort town ever, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. I wanted to bring my wild times to life right here. So, I let my two favorite words in the English language carry me away.

What if …?

What if a BBW heroine is kidnapped from the sleepy shore of Lake Coeur d’Alene by some scary biker dudes who believe she knows where to find something they desperately want? What if it’s nearly a million in cash?

Okay, I’m loving this. But I don’t do dubious consent, so the biker dudes can’t be outright evil, just tough. And the heroine isn’t a law-breaker, she’s a rule follower like me who’s about to go on a wild ride of her own, so … got it! It’s a case of mistaken identity.

Now I’ve got a big, rough-talking biker and a BBW heroine who’s scared out of her wits. And she not only doesn’t know where to find a million dollars, she’s on the verge of losing her little lake shore café because she’s too broke to pay her taxes. She needs a hero, not a kidnapper. And he’s just about lost his faith in ever finding a woman he wants to settle down with or a place to do so. So in this quiet little town way up north, CathrynCadewith the wrong woman in his arms, why does he want nothing more than to hold on, no matter what?


And that, readers, is how Jack Moran and Lindi Carson end up together for the ride of their lives in SHOW ME THE HONEY. If they hang on, they may just find the sweetness is worth the sting.

Cathryn Cade

Cathryn Cade

I live in Coeur d’Alene, a little resort town in the beautiful lake country of North Idaho. We have hot summers, and cold snowy winters. In summer I love to walk, boat with my husband, and ride my bike. Along about October, I disappear indoors, to snuggle up with a great book or spin a new story.

I’m a native Montanan, grew up in the cowboy culture, so look for their rugged flavor in my sci fi space captains—it’s not that big a leap from horse opera to space opera.

My other favorite place? The Big Island of Hawaii. Visit this tropical paradise with me when you read my Hawaiian Heroes series.

Mostly, I just love romance!

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