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by Lisa Wells

Ideas are like popcornThe age old question asked of every author at some point? Where do you get your ideas?  My response, they are like popcorn kernels, they just suddenly pop when my imagination gets hot.

For example:  The Seduction of Kinley Foster came to me after having a teacher friend awkwardly invite me to a sex toy party.  This teacher came to my office one day, stood in the doorway, looked at me, then said never mind and turned and walked away.  Several minutes later, she was back with another teacher with her.  The other teacher said, “Connie wants to invite you to a Passion Party, but she’s afraid you’ll be offended.”

You see, I keep my author life, separate from my work day life.  My colleagues think I am sweet, kind, proper.

After I finished laughing at the two ladies who just invited me to my first ever sex toy party, I happily replied yes. I mean, what romance author would turn down that opportunity.

Two weeks later, there I am, sitting in a teacher’s living room surrounded by other teachers and listening to a lady explain the benefits and pleasures of each of her sex toys.  And boy did she have a lot to choose from.

This is when my colleagues unearthed the naughtier side of me. They discovered I’m a blurter. Things just tumble out of my mouth – especially after a couple of Mimosas. And I discovered, they are just as inappropriate. For example….

Let’s just say, bonding and secrets occur when you spend the morning exploring the the ins-and-outs of modern day sex toys.

When it was time to meet privately with the consultant to make my purchase, I drilled her for details that I could someday use in a book. She was gracious enough to answer my questions, and when I placed my order, she didn’t blink once. Part of me was fully expecting a raised eyebrow and a – “Do you really need that many toys?”

The Seduction of Kinley FosterThe Seduction of Kinley Foster
by Lisa Wells

Release date: 5/9/16

Librarian Kinley Foster wants to write erotic romance—the steamy, sexy, curl-your-toes kind of stuff. The problem? She desperately needs a little erotic inspiration. And at a romance convention in Vegas, she finds it…or rather him. The sizzlingly sexy guy who refused Kinley—and her virginity—when she was sixteen.

Now it’s time for a little payback.

Literary agent Ian Thompson is a professional. Mentoring an aspiring author is one thing. Giving her a thorough and thoroughly satisfying sexy education is quite another. Especially when she’s as stunning and deliciously curvaceous as Kinley. Yet Ian can’t help himself when Kinley makes him a wager he can’t resist. A wager that will tempt Ian to cross every professional—and every sensual—boundary in the book…



Lisa Wells

Lisa Wells

Lisa Wells always knew there would come a time in her life when she'd pursue her dream career as a romance author. This is that time. Before this moment, she's enjoyed a rollercoaster journey called - The Middle School Counselor - Dramas, Dreams, and Destinies. After many years of working with teenage girls, she knows when one comes in baffled because another girl hates her, the first question to ask is - "Did you steal her boyfriend?" Nine times out of ten the answer is some form of, “Yes but....” While Lisa enjoys working with adolescents, she writes for adults. Her books contain: Sex, Scowls & Sass.

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