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Her Unforgettable Cowboy

Hi Everyone, Debra Clopton here with a behind the scenes look into the writing of HER UNFORGETTABLE COWBOY (May release from Harlequin’s Love Inspired)

Have you ever had to make a really hard decision? One that would change the course of your life and be irreversible once you took the first step? A choice that would leave you wondering forever if you’d made the right choice.

I decided for this book to make my heroine, Jolie Sheridan, face such a choice: Choosing between marrying the man she loved and had been born to love, or choosing the world class career she loved and had been born to pursue.

Behind the scene: on a family snow skiing trip I encountered a sad story of a successful kayaker who drowned when his kayak flipped and he tangled up, it haunted me all winter and reminded me of a family rafting trip years earlier. Our guide had lived through her kayaking near death experience but hadn’t been able to get back into her kayak. From these two experiences I knew my heroine would have to be a kayaker and she would have to make a choice to leave her fiancé behind and pursue her destiny in kayaking. A gut wrenching choice but she felt she had to do it. (researching kayakers was amazing-they are a driven bunch of daredevils!) Back to the story. Jolie made the choice but even during her overwhelming success she would never be able to forget her cowboy. And she would always wonder what if she’d made the different choice.

Problem is, choices are not always cut and dried, black and white. Sometimes choices are tough and life changing and sometimes there is no right and wrong choice.

In HER UNFORGETTABLE COWBOY Jolie Sheridan chose her career only to have it fall apart and now she’s back working beside Morgan McDermott the cowboy she left behind and praying she can get her shattered life back in order. She’s praying Morgan can put aside their past and help her…Hurt by Jolie more than she ever suspected, now Morgan holds the power. Now Morgan is faced with the choice that could change his life forever. Which will he make?

This book started with questions and I had to make choices at every turn. One thing I made sure of was that there was lots of laughter and fun tangled up with heartache and adventure on this big Texas ranch that is home to 16 foster boys. This is book 1 of my new COWBOYS OF SUNRISE RANCH series. Find out more in this blog post

Also here is the link to my blog about the movie deal for my Mule Hollow book OPERATION: MARRIED BY CHRISTMAS which I am so excited about and know readers and fans of my Mule Hollow series are excited about too.

I hope you’ll make the choice to come along for the ride and meet all the great cast of characters I had such a blast creating for this series.

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Debra Clopton

Debra Clopton

Debra Clopton is a USA Today and International bestselling author who has sold over 3.5 million books. She has published over 81 books under her name and her pen name of Hope Moore. Under both names she writes clean, wholesome, and inspirational small town romances, especially with cowboys, but also loves to sweep readers away with romance set on beautiful beaches surrounded by topaz water and romantic sunsets. She recently launched the Star Gazer Inn on Corpus Christi Bay series, her first wholesome women's fiction romance series that combines her love of cowboys and beaches. Debra is a multiple award-winning author, but it is the praise from her readers she values most. If she can make someone smile and forget their worries for a few hours (or days when binge reading one of her series) then she's done her job and her heart is happy. She really loves hearing she kept a reader from doing the dishes or sleeping! In 2016 she decided to take control of her publishing career and opened her own publishing company. Her books now sell worldwide and are regulars on bestseller lists in the United States and around the world. A sixth-generation Texan, Debra lives on a ranch in Texas with her husband surrounded by cattle, deer, very busy squirrels and hole digging wild hogs. She enjoys traveling and spending time with her family. Visit Debra's website and sign up for her newsletters and updates at Check out her Facebook page, follow her on Instagram, or contact her at

4 thoughts on “Her Unforgettable Cowboy”

  1. Oh, Debra! This story sounds so unique! I’ll have to order it through eharlequin. I love how you came up with the idea! Looking forward to reading it as soon as I can get my hands on it.

    1. Thank you Chris! Sometimes, book ideas just come at you in the most unexpected ways and this was one of those times. I believe you’ll enjoy the story, reviews have been great so far and I am soooo pleased.

  2. Betty Farmer Kincaid says:

    I have started reading this book; so far so good! lol! I like all of your books.

    1. I am soooo glad you are enjoying the book Betty! Thanks for letting me know 🙂

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