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willablairThe Healer’s Gift (A Highland Talents Novella) is the latest in my Highland Talents series. In addition to being the story of Coira MacDugall’s redemption after her attack on the Healer, Aileana Shaw in Highland Healer (Book 1 of the series), it’s a look at the aftereffects of battle.  What we call post-traumatic stress today has been a fact of warfare for centuries.  In the Healer’s Gift, Logen MacDugall is one of the few survivors of the disastrous Scottish loss in 1513 at Flodden Field.  Years later, he still grapples with the effects of his horrible memories — until he finds relief with Coira, thanks to the Healer’s gift.


thehealersgiftCoira MacDugall paid with her life for her attack on the Highland Healer.  But her victim did more than heal Coira’s fatal wound that awful night.  Now drowning in the unwelcome emotions of others, Coira wonders if her new empathic ability was meant as a gift or a curse.

Logen MacDugall must discover who killed three previous lairds if he hopes to survive for long in the position. He believes Coira’s new sense can help him root out the conspirators, but after her disastrous time in the Highlands, the last thing she wants is to get involved with another laird. 

Logen must help Coira gain control of her talent in time to save him and their clan from those intent on destroying MacDugall. Can Coira accept that this laird truly loves her?  Or will her memories lead her to madness again?

The Healer’s Gift

Logen’s mouth on Coira’s palm had set her whole body to tingling.  His kiss melted her bones.  She held on to him, certain that she could no longer stand on her own.  The fire that raged in him burned in her as well, making her weak.  Making her forget who he was.  What he was.  She could feel nothing but the desire sweeping through him.  It heated her blood, overwhelmed her senses, and made her bold.
“Dinna release me,” she warned.  “I will fall.”

“Have I harmed  ye then?”  The concern in his voice was mirrored in the sudden cold fear that lapped at her senses.

“Nay, nay.  Dinna fash.”  The chill receded.  Coira lifted a hand and cupped Logen’s face yet again.  His gaze burned into her as if he was trying to read her mind.  She knew he could not do that, but the idea that he wished to know her so well pleased her.  “The opposite.  Ye make me feel…things I’ve never felt before.”

Logen stayed silent, his gaze moving over her face.  The feelings flooding through him seemed to well up from his soul. His unspoken longing brought tears to her eyes and threatened to consume her.  Coira’s throat tightened as her own impossible longings escaped her control to blend with his.
He finally spoke.  “Ye bring me peace.  Did ye ken that?  I desire ye, I canna hide it.  But ye bring me peace.”

“Ach, Logen.” She kissed him softly while her heart broke in two.  “Ye make me wish to weep.”  He was completely open to her, strong and confident, yet all she sensed was his vulnerability.  “No one has ever said anything like that to me.  Has the Healer’s gift changed me so much, then?”

The Healer’s Gift is available now on Kindle and in Print at Amazon.  It will be available elsewhere on 2 July 2014.


Willa Blair

Willa Blair is the best-selling and award-winning author of Scottish romance with a paranormal twist, set in the 16th century Highlands, when the old ways, and old talents, still shaped events. She always wished she had several psi talents, such as reading her husband’s mind, cleaning house by simply thinking about it, and flying. But alas, no. So she endows her historical romance characters with special talents and lives vicariously through them. She loves reading and writing romance novels set in the past, present and future. She realized her life-long dream of becoming an author after retiring from her day job to write, travel, and enjoy life. Married to her own military hero golf fanatic, she lives in the Texas Hill Country north of San Antonio where she writes, feeds hummingbirds year-round and has too many hobbies to count.

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