posted on June 3, 2014 by Jaycie Cash

Why I Hate Living on Thunder Row

Blue Tick Hound Hiding EyesI’ve been tired all day.

Please don’t even think about suggesting I start going to bed earlier.

At 10:00 p.m. I pulled the covers up to the hairs I’d missed while plucking my chiny, chin, chin, with the clock/alarm set for 6:00 a.m. That should have resulted in a solid eight hours of sleep.

No dice.

You see, it began raining around 2:00 a.m. More importantly for my sleeping purposes, it began to thunder around the same time. Once that started my chances to continue sleeping dropped to a giant zero.

Don’t get me wrong; it wasn’t the thunder that kept me awake. Rather, it was my Jack Russell Terrier. The thunder was low enough that, left to snore in peace, I could (and would) have slept through the whole thing.

However, my dog Scout’s barking was impossible to sleep through or even just ignore.

Lucky me, his ode to thunder continued pretty much nonstop until around 4:00 a.m. despite entreaties, shouts and threats from yours truly.

He was intent on telling the thunder that it was trespassing on his domain and that if it had any sense at all, it would run from all 20 lbs of him in abject fear.

As I mentioned above, it only took Scout a couple of hours to convince last night’s thunder that he meant business. So, as far as my dog is concerned, he won this latest round, just as he’s won all those in the past. After all, eventually that cowardly blowhard, thunder, always gives up and moves on.

Something I’d like to do—without Scout—next time it starts to rain and thunder.


12 thoughts on “Why I Hate Living on Thunder Row”

  1. Avatar Liz says:

    Our great dane Reva has to be tucked in at night. Any time after 9pm she’ll come out of her favorite sleeping spot (under our bed- that’s another story) & keep nudging either my husband or I with her head until we go tuck her on her doggie bed. And heaven for bid if one of the other dogs is on “her” bed- then she pouts. Love her so much!!

    1. I think I love Reva too! Thanks for introducing her to us.


  2. Avatar Kim Cornwell says:

    I have a cat named Boots. He’s a beautiful main coon cat. He wakes me every morning at 4:30 crawling across my head so he can chew on my hair. I try to cover my head up, but then he paws and sinks his claws in the blanket so he can pull it off my head. Ugh very annoying!

    1. Kim,
      It sounds like Boots was made for walking . . . all over you (or at least your head). Sorry, I couldn’t help it. I hope you’re old enough to catch the reference to the old Nancy Sinatra song “These Boots Were Made for Walking,” if not, my reply probably made no sense at all. Either way, thanks for leaving a comment. I appreciate it!


  3. Avatar Carrie Pelchat says:

    My 70lb Husky/German Shepherd mix is also afraid of thunder, I have a picture of her curled up around my hubby’s head while he was sleeping just for comfort. But her truly mysterious fear is of bugs. About a year and a half ago, just as the acorns were falling from the trees she got hit by one. Now, a normal dog would do a little freak out then attack what ever attacked them, not so with Shelby she ran for the door and WANTED IN THE HOUSE. Not just hey, when you get up mom can you let me in, but full on LET ME IN THE HOUSE NOW!!!!! So, okay she didn’t like the acorn thing, but then she didn’t want to hang around outside, she would run out do her business and run back in. Last spring at the dog park, I noticed that she would snip at any bug that came near her, and then I noticed she was alert for any bugs coming near her, then I noticed that if a bug came near her she wanted to go home.
    So we call her our “Pretty Pretty Princess”, and I do make her stay as close to an hour as I can since we have another dog, a 32 lb mix who LOVES the doggy park and LOVES to play ball.

    1. Carrie,
      Sounds like your Husky/German Shepherd has a long-reaching memory and a healthy dose of imagination! I’m with her on the bugs issue. Here’s hoping you and both dogs have a fun-filled summer at the doggy park and wherever you may roam. Thanks so much for sharing!


  4. Avatar Marianne Donovan says:

    Our dog Willie loves to ride in the car, insisting on one ride every day (even a short drive to the mailbox will work) If he does not get taken on a ride he starts pestering people, following you around and barking at you. If that tactic does not work, he hangs out near the door, darting out the moment it opens. He then goes either jumps into the car if the top is down or goes and lays down behind it, refusing to move unless you turn on the car and open his door for him. He is a Rott/Husky mix so it is nearly impossible to force him to move.

    1. Marianne,

      Sounds like Willie definitely knows what he wants out of life: more car rides! Isn’t it amazing what distinct personalities our furry friends have! Thanks for introducing us to the Rott/Husky mix in your life.


  5. Avatar Sharon Baker says:

    My cat likes to eat spider webs. He’s picky about his food but loves the webs.

    1. Sharon,

      Wow, don’t you wonder what the story is behind that. Wonder if he walked through one by mistake one day, ended up trying to lick it off and, in the process, discovered a new taste treat. Hmmm, go figure. Thanks for chiming in!


  6. My cat Bella is the ultimate ‘fraidy cat. She doesn’t like unexpected noises of any kind and storms are the worse. She will hide in any dark place she can find, most of the time she goes to our bathroom situated right in the middle of the house and hides behind the toilet. Probably the most secure location in the building, so she is a smart one. If that doesn’t do for her she is in my arms as closely wrapped around my neck as she can possibly get. Sometimes so tightly that I have to shift her around so I don’t get strangled. I know when that first roll of thunder hits that she will be slinking her way to one place or the other. I always worry about her when there is a storm and I am not at home for her to come to.

    1. Charlene,

      I’m glad for Bella’s sake she has a strong, loving presence to hold on to when things get stormy outside. If all the world’s pets and children were so lucky we’d live in a far better world, I’m sure!

      Thanks for sharing,

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