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Getting Your Inner Romance Writer in The Mood

by Sophie Wintner

Love Thy NeighborEveryone needs a little romance in their lives, right? And as a romance writer, I’m lucky to have more than my share. After all, I spend the bulk of my days thinking about sex, love and romance. And if I’m not thinking about it then I’m reading about it or writing about it. Plus, I have a wonderful, loving relationship with one of the sexiest most sensual men I’ve ever known. And yet, this dreamy world I live in is often interrupted with everyday mundane things like clogged drains, flat tires, dirty laundry and trips to the grocery store.

It got me thinking about how us romance writers can balance everyday life with the fantasy worlds that we create. It’s not always easy. For example, one day, just as I was coming to a sexy, steamy love scene between Nikki and Dallas when my cat coughed up a big hairball two inches from my feet. Talk about breaking the mood. My focus was shot. I could not get my head back into that sexy, cozy, romantic space that I needed to be in in order to effectively write that scene.  Another time, I was creating sexual tension between Dallas and Nikki and saw a centipede on the wall. That created a different type of tension and my wonderful sexy man was not home to slay it.

So when life’s mishaps get in the way, I’ve developed a few tricks to get me back in the mood to write romance. For me it comes down to the sense.

First, hearing.  Music. Music. Music. I’m a sucker for old romantic torch songs and the standards. I’ll put on Sinatra or Tony Bennett or Bryan Ferry’s love songs and my mood is instantly restored.

Second is sight. There’s nothing like a good looking man to get my creative juices flowing. I admit that I’ve wandered over to the Hot Hunky Guys page on Pinterest.

Next we have taste. A nice glass of red wine usually relaxes me (if I’m writing in the evening).  Lately I’ve been on a red zinfandel kick—highly recommended.

Scent—I have a couple favorite candles. Anything from Molton Brown or Aquiesse Candles will do the trick.

Lastly is touch. I’ll switch from writing on my laptop to writing with one of my favorite fountain pens and notepaper. It just makes me feel more romantic.

When I put them all together and pull out of all the stops, even a nasty hairball can’t spoil my mood.

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A satisfying category romance from Entangled’s Lovestruck imprint…

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Interior designer Nikki Norris is at the end of her rope. She’s lost her business, and her fiancé who called off their engagement. Now she’s broke and on her own, living in a loft apartment she can barely afford. But something in her feng shui must be working, because her new neighbor across the hall is a sexy Brit fashion photographer…and he has just the thing to turn Nikki’s bad luck around.

Dallas is tired of stick-thin fashion models with no personality. So when his curvaceous new neighbor, Nikki, seeks his help in making her ex jealous, Dallas is only too happy to oblige the woman who sets his libido on fire every time she walks into a room. Dallas, not being one to make commitments, thinks all he wants is a little taste of Nikki. But will it be enough?

Just as Nikki and Dallas hatch their plan, the wicked chemistry between them—growing more irresistible by the second—complicates things. Now the lines between make-believe and making love blur. Have Nikki and Dallas found a perfect arrangement… or have they designed the perfect plan for disaster?

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Sophie Wintner

Sophie Wintner was raised in the Midwest and attended Kent State University where she studied communications and writing. Though she’d always dreamed of writing a novel someday, life took her down a slightly different path. After college and a brief stint in New York City, she returned to her Midwest roots and began her professional writing career working in advertising where she soon became an award-winning copywriter. Though she enjoyed doing print, radio and TV campaigns, she never forgot her dream of writing a novel. Always a voracious reader, one day she stumbled upon a romance novel and has been hooked on them ever since—hooked on reading them and eventually writing them! Sophie is a certified hopeless romantic and eternal optimist when it comes to love and romance. When she’s not writing, Sophie who is a budding gourmet cook, can be found in the kitchen experimenting with exotic new recipes. She lives in Chicago where she is working on a new romance novel. You can find her online by following her on Twitter at or on Facebook at, or by visiting her website at

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