posted on January 14, 2015 by Robbie Terman

The Fascination with Firemen

SOME LIKE IT SIZZLING 500x750Thanks for having me on Writerspace! My newest release, Some Like It Sizzling, features a hunky (of course!) firefighter.  Even before I had a plot to the story, I knew what his profession would be.  It got me thinking, what is our obsession with firefighters (come on, I know I’m not the only one!)?

Looking back, I’ve always been partial to the firefighter. I can remember vacationing on my family’s boat to the same small town every year and docking near the fire station. While my family explored the town, I’d set up a lawn chair in front of the station, just to catch a glimpse of the men working inside. Many years later, I happened to be in New York City while Die Hard 3 was being filmed. While my companions were straining to catch a glimpse of Bruce Willis (an equally worthy pursuit), I had wandered over to an area where a group of extras playing firemen were changing into their costumes.  And some changing out.  Yes, they may still be mopping up the drool on that street corner.

So, what is the attraction? Maybe because firefighters are heroic and brave. They put the lives of others before their own.  Or maybe because they’re strong, swing a big ax, and have a long hose. Whatever the reason, I’m hooked!

Do firefighters leave you weak-kneed, too? What other types of heroes do you love to read (I’m also a fan of hockey players – teeth not necessarily included!)?

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Former model Jenna Rawley has spent her entire life craving the security and stability she never had growing up. Her wedding day was supposed to be the day all of her dreams came true. Instead, the groom disappears and Jenna runs from the church…and right into the arms of her high school sweetheart.

Firefighter Luke Kearney never forgotten Jenna, or that she left him behind with a broken heart all those years ago. Yet in that single, dramatic moment, their chemistry comes roaring back to life, hotter and more fierce than ever. Only now there are complications—including secrets from the past that have been buried, but not forgotten. But a man who plays with fire is bound to get burned…

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Robbie Terman

Robbie Terman is a contemporary romance author, amateur foodie, and handbag aficionado. She finds it way more fun to live in a fictional world, where the little black dress always fits perfectly, designer shoes don't come with price tags, and a handsome man is always there to lift you up when you fall. When you read her books, if you cry a little and laugh a lot, that was just the reaction she was hoping for.

4 thoughts on “The Fascination with Firemen”

  1. Avatar Suzanne Carver says:

    I have lived in several small towns in the south. No. I haven’t seen to many sexy firefighters or policemen. For the most they are just nice people. I would love to read more about auto mechanics. Every good ole boy in the south works on cars. That’s where you find the sexy ones.

    1. I like your thinking, Suzanne! I could totally get on board with a sexy mechanic hero!

  2. Thanks for having me at Writerspace! I’d love to hear from others what professions fascinate them in a hero!

    1. Avatar Suzanne Carver says:

      It doesn’t have to be full time mechanic, he could be a shade tree mechanic or do body work. One of the best looking men I know restores classic cars for a living.

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