And speaking of that ideal summer reading the pool, on the sand, in the sun...what is it youíll need? An adorable polka-dot beach bag with plenty of room and even a cooler pack pocket for your icy drinks? CHECK. A plush high-quality towel for resting and wrapping? CHECK. Unbreakable beverage glasses with plenty of room and delightful decor? CHECK. Top of the line sunscreen to prevent freckles and burn? CHECK. Sparkly flip-flops that finish any summer outfit? CHECK. Homemade soap, flip flop notes, and a beach-themed book thong? CHECK, CHECK, and CHECK. And donít forget SIX autographed Barefoot Bay books! CHECK AND LETíS HIT THE BEACH! How do you get this Beach Bag Swag? You simply have to click on the link, like my Facebook page, and leave a comment on the Beach Bag post (leave a comment on the the Beach Bag post and BE SURE TO TAG A FRIEND) and you are eligible for the drawing being held on July 1!