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Every Night Lights

Thank you so much for having me here to hang out with you all and celebrate the launch of Hot on the Ice, the first book in my new Dockers Score! series. Be sure to check out my giveaway at the end of the post – a copy of Hot on the Ice and a bar of genuine Cadbury’s chocolate from England!

As you probably know, those of us in England are in the midst of yet another lockdown. It’s absolutely right to keep those we love safe and healthy, but somehow lockdown in winter is much harder than during the long, sunny days of summer. It’s always a little dull and dreary after the Christmas lights have come down and you have to get through the dark days of January and February. This year seems even darker.

Last year, we put lights in our garden — so pretty to see them in the evenings — and we changed the bulb colours to suit the seasons. They kept our spirits up, even through the fall and beginning of winter. We’ve kept lighting them, every night. As soon as it gets dark, we rush to turn them on and spend several moments just looking out at them and enjoying the bright, happy colours. Apparently some of our neighbours enjoy them too!

We also kept some lights in our living room, adapted from a Christmas arrangement with red and white pussy willow.  Somehow that’s really helped to keep our spirits up. Even better, the days are already starting to draw out. It’s not dark until gone 5pm! Spring and summer will soon be here. The green shoots are appearing in the garden and the birds are building their nests. And the vaccines are rolling out apace, so the end of lockdown is possibly in sight.

However long it takes, we’ll keep turning those cheery lights on every night. The colourful glow and the joy it brings is worth it!

How do you keep your spirits up during the dark days of winter? Have you kept your festive lights up longer this year?

One lucky commenter will win a copy of Hot on the Ice and bar of genuine Cadbury’s chocolate.

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Hot on the Ice

Melting hearts off the ice!

Lily Eddison is on the way to making it–her personalized, gourmet chocolates are in high demand. She has it all going on…until her landlord pulls the rug out from under her. Now she needs investors but the last person she expects or wants to save the day is the oh-so-hot, but arrogant, pro-hockey player Dante “Fireman” Taylor.

Hockey is Dante’s life and as the Dockers’ star defensemen, he has no time for love. An opportunity to invest in Lily’s dream is just business, even though he can’t stop thinking about the gorgeous chocolatier. Despite his reluctance to be in a relationship, Dante and Lily move from partners to friends to lovers and he’s all in… Until an obsessive fan’s revenge tanks their romance and it’s dead on the ice.

Great hockey players know they have to take more shots on goal to score a hat trick and Dante gives it his all to prove to Lily that off the ice, she’s the only one for him.

Anna Sugden

Anna Sugden

Award-winning author, Anna Sugden, enjoys reading novels and watching films with happy endings. She also loves hockey and football, where she prefers a happy ending for her teams. When she's not researching hockey players -- for her books -- she enjoys craft projects, collecting penguins and great shoes. A former marketing executive and primary teacher, Anna lives in Cambridge, England, with her husband and two bossy black cats. Check out Anna's weekly features, including Outrageous Shoes and fun penguin, cat and movie facts on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

7 thoughts on “Every Night Lights”

  1. GB says:

    We have kept our Christmas lights and decorations up longer than usual this year, too. As you say, there was a need of an extra bit of cheer. Otherwise, we have kept our spirits up with connection to family and friends via computer and taken advantage of the quieter time to try out recipes, read, watch shows/movies on tv or internet, and listen to music. Oh, I miss the face-to-face get togethers and look forward to them recommencing, but in the meantime, I am mindful and grateful for the technology that we have so that reaching out to people is easier than in the past.

    1. Anna Sugden says:

      Thanks so much for stopping by GB! We’re grateful for the wonders of technology too, but can’t wait for real hugs, especially from the gorgeous grands!

  2. bn100 says:

    watch movies

    1. Anna Sugden says:

      Hi BN100, Great to see you – been ages! Hope you’re well. We’ve been catching up on movies too. seen some little gems!

  3. Marcie L. says:

    Reading and watching crazy reality TV shows like Love After Lockup 😀

    1. Anna Sugden says:

      Hey Marcie, Thanks for stopping by! LOL I knew there was someone who watched those wild shows!

  4. Anna Sugden says:

    Thanks everyone for stopping by here, on social media and everywhere. Had such fun! I entered everyone into the draw and using the ‘name on paper + cat treat’ system, my cat Jersey Girl selected a winner! Congratulations to Narda Miller Seaberry! Please email me at with your deets and I’ll send you your prize!

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