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Creating Characters Is for Everyone

A lot of times readers and friends ask me if it’s hard to get the inspirations for my stories. Usually, it’s not. Hard is to find the time and mindset to write them.

Almost anyone, for instance, can create a character or made-up person. It’s fun, and it helps us navigate whatever issues we’re facing. For instance…

When my daughter Scarlett was four, my son Oliver was born. That year, Scarlett friended Katie. All of a sudden, she started talking about this great, awesome little girl she knew. There was no one with that name at her school, swim class or gym. I went through friend’s kids’s names in my head, but no. Katie was straight-up fake.

A couple other moms I talked to assured me that was normal. Scarlett started to talk about Katie a lot, and pretended to call and text message her. Apparently, Katie’s mom had really loose rules when it comes to her five year old’s amount of time on the phone. Whenever I was changing a diaper or spending time with the baby, Scarlett brought up Katie. Katie could do triple summersaults in a fraction of a second. Katie had won special badges for helping the government with some child spy work. Katie’s laugher had been patented into an iPhone ring tone. Hell, I wanted to be Katie!

Of course my mom was over once, and she, upon hearing all the shenanigans Kate was up to, suggested we splash some holy water all over the house. Yeah. She’d seen too many blockbusters where the imaginary friend was actually a ghost clinging to the world of the living. Listening to my mom go on and on about all the scary movies she’d seen made me realize that 1) That one with Robert De Niro was a flop. What did they think, to cast Rebecca Romin as his wife? 2) My mom is a rock star when it comes to remembering movies’ synopsis, even if they are forty years old. Her age, though, she can’t ever recall.

So. Katie claimed even a seat at the dinner table. According to Scarlett, not only was Katie cool, playful, outgoing… her mom let her do tons of stuff I didn’t let Scarlett. Of course.

A light bulb was finally lit. One day, as a jealous Scarlett was whining over all the attention her brother was getting (as if), I said, “You know, Katie has a baby brother and she’s very sweet to him. I know that for a fact. I called Katie’s mom and we chatted.”

Scarlett folded her arms and said, “Katie doesn’t exist. I made her up.” And just like that, Katie was gone from our lives. Weird, isn’t it?

GIVEAWAY: Have you ever felt compelled to create an imaginary friend/boyfriend/nemesis/pet? If you could, what superpowers/quirks would that imaginary person have? Leave a comment and enter to win a $15 Amazon GC.




Carmen Falcone

Carmen Falcone

Carmen Falcone learned at an early age that fantasizing about fictional characters beat doing Math homework any day. Brazilian by birth and traveler by nature, she moved to Central Texas after university and met her broody Swiss husband, the living proof that opposites attract. She found in writing her deepest passion and the best excuse to avoid the healthy lifestyle everyone keeps talking about. When she's not lost in the world of romance, she enjoys spending time with her two kids, being walked by her crazy dogs, reading, catching up with friends, and chatting with random people at the check-out line.

5 thoughts on “Creating Characters Is for Everyone”

  1. I was an only child and when my friends weren’t around, I’d dream up an imaginary friend to play paper dolls with or have a little tea party with. Thank you for the chance!

    1. Hi Jeanne! 🙂

      I was the baby, so I played by myself a lot too when my siblings were doing cooler things 😀 Ha! Thanks for commenting.

    1. Avatar Carmen says:

      What a great super power! 🙂

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Avatar flchen1 says:

    I don’t remember ever creating an imaginary playmate or pet, but I love that you authors do it for me, and these characters often end up with a lasting place in my mind and heart! I would love to be as smart, funny, cool, magical as these men, women, aliens, shifters happen to be, Carmen!

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