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Crazy little thing called…Christmas

by Jody Holford

more-than-friends_500x750Christmas is one of my favorite times of year. Other than birthdays. I love the planning, buying, decorating, and definitely the eating. I like the long lazy day of getting up early, opening presents, having breakfast, and then just hanging out with the people I love. I always feel a bit sad when the day is over because on the 25th, it feels like everything else stops.

All the work of Christmas has been completed and from 6 a.m. that morning until much later that night, it is all about hanging out and just being together. It’s about bringing each other joy and being thankful. I know Christmas means something different to everyone, but to me, it’s family.

To Gabby Michaelson, the heroine of More than Friends, Christmas represents all of the things she longs for: family, traditions, and a future. Preferably with Owen Burnett, the hero and Gabby’s best friend.

While Owen doesn’t appreciate the noise and fuss of the holidays, he does cherish his best friend and he does love his family. When he tries to avoid a hectic Christmas, he tells a tiny white lie that hurts all of the people he is closest to and learns what really matters to him.

Owen might have some making up to do this holiday season, but lucky for him, Gabby is pretty forgiving.

Want a sneak peek? Read on and I’ll also share Gabby’s private and public Christmas wish lists.

Her eyes were glassy when they met his. “You did all this? I can’t believe you did all this for me. It’s amazing and beautiful. You’re going to decorate the tree with me? I can’t even believe I didn’t have it up yet and now I’m so glad I waited, well, got sidetracked and busy, really, but same thing, right?” She waved her hands and gave a watery laugh.

And then she stepped into him, her arms slipping around his waist. She put her head against his chest and gave a deep sigh. Of happiness, he hoped. Owen was worried that the shock coursing through him was more from the feel of her body pressed so tightly to his rather than her show of gratitude. His arms immediately wrapped around her and he rubbed his hands up and down her back.

“It’s perfect, Owen. Absolutely perfect.”

Still holding her, the sense of how well her body fit against his tugging at the strings of worry in the back of his head, he held tighter. “Good enough to make up for you canceling a date?”

She leaned back so they were looking at each other, their arms still wrapped around each other. Owen’s chest felt tight. Maybe he was allergic to fake trees. What else could account for the shortness of breath he felt?

“There is nowhere I’d rather be,” Gabby said. They held each other’s gaze and when his brain screamed to step back before he did something he shouldn’t, her hands moved to his face. He’d never had a woman cradle his face in her hands quite like this, with a look of absolute adoration. It was mesmerizing. Gabby was mesmerizing. Somehow he’d missed that.


Gabby’s Christmas Wish List

-new paint brushes

-boots from Neiman Marcus (black, mid-calf)

-Amy Schumer’s new book

-Mindy Kaling’s new book

-Box set of Friends (any season)

-iTunes gift card

-running gear (just joking…I hate running. Seriously, O, do not buy me running gear)


Gabby’s “I want” list (For my eyes only!)


-Owen under the tree

-Owen in my bed

-Owen on the couch

-Owen gift wrapped in just boxers

-Owen in any room of my apartment

-a walk in the snow at night, with Owen

-a tropical vacation, with Owen

-Owen Joshua Burnett to love me back

Jody Holford

Jody Holford

I'm a mom and wife first and many things after. I'm a best friend and a regular friend. A daughter, sister, auntie, a teacher, and maybe even... a writer. I am a book lover, a shopper, a pajama-wearer, movie-watcher, worrier, over-thinker, and a wanna-be-good-Samaritan. I'm a Gemini, a nervous talker, and an emotional writer. I am represented by Frances Black of Literary Counsel.  

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