Most of us have an idea of who that perfect someone is. The guy or girl who is exactly right for us. But sometimes does it seem like there’s something irristible about the person you know is all wrong for you? It’s a thing. Science agrees and everything. Opposites do attract. But do they last?… Read More

3 A Pinch of True History and A Guaranteed Happily-Ever-After

I love history, especially British history, which is why I write historical romance. While most accurate accounts of the past do not include happy endings with wars, murders, famine, and plagues, a happy ending is essential in the romance genre. Therefore, Scottish historical romance is the perfect place for me to immerse myself. When I… Read More

1 Ten true facts about Hooked on You.

The story is set in Lunenburg Nova Scotia. I live about 30 minutes away and Lunenburg is a small fishing village and one of my favorite places to visit. Stephen King often films his movies there. The series, Locke & Key, written by Stephen Kings son, was also filmed there recently. In the summer, Lunenburg… Read More

1 Evangeline Jones and the Real Life Spiritualists Who Inspired Her

Victorian London was a tough environment for a woman, especially if she didn’t have the safety net of a good family and enough money to put food on the table. We readers of historical romance know that, without those things, there were few options for lone, penniless women. Marriage and motherhood or, less ideally, life… Read More

7 Good things come in small packages by Amy Andrews

I just love that Miranda Lambert song Everybody Dies Famous In A Small Town. If you haven’t heard it, listen here. It’s a great title and sums up, quite succinctly, the difference between the city and the country. Everyone knows who you are in a small town – for good or for bad. I had super… Read More


From birth to death, romance is part of everyone’s lives, a mother’s love for her newborn baby, a son or daughter’s love for a parent, or love for the person who shares your life. Falling in love is the part that intrigues me.  I love giving my characters obstacles that reveal their strengths and weaknesses,… Read More

5 Shift Out of Luck Madlibs

Who doesn’t love Madlibs? Okay, don’t answer that. But if you’re a Madlibs fiend, you’re going to have fun with this. I decided to take an excerpt from my book, but take out critical words that you will plug your own words into. We’ll have to see what kind of different story we get!  … Read More

1 The Power of Being Awkward

Once upon a time there was a woman who had a vaginal thermometer. She was trying to figure out when she ovulated so her and her husband could nail down the whole “getting pregnant” thing. This monitor promised to read a person’s core temperature by sleeping with it in overnight before uploading information to a… Read More

4 Behind the Scenes With Wild Love

Writing Wild Love, the third of my Brewing Love books, involved research—pleasurable research, but research nonetheless. When I first moved to Colorado a few years ago, I didn’t know much about beer. I mostly drank the big commercial brands like everybody else, and I didn’t drink much of those. But Colorado is craft beer central—we… Read More

13 Top 5 Favorite Coasters

The Ellis Family Saga series revolves around the surviving five Ellis siblings. The family owns amusement parks all over the world. In Betting on Love, Sam and Whitney work together on the launch of a new coaster at one of the company’s most popular parks. I’ve loved roller coasters for as long as I can… Read More