Medium Rare and the Familiar

The first novel in my Ramos Family/Medium trilogy, Medium Well, concerned a very nasty ghost that the hero and heroine had to put down. To be fair, the second novel, Medium Rare, (coming on August 20 from Berkley InterMix) also has a pretty nasty ghost at the center of the action. But it has something… Read More

Alibis and Amethysts

Howdy folks – I’m federal marshal Zeke Drummond, deceased since 1878. Those of you who have been readin’ what I like to call “The Sketch Books” have already made my acquaintance, but I’m mighty pleased to meet any newcomers among you. For the past few years, I’ve been busy solvin’ murders with my partner Rory… Read More

Memorable Characters

Every once in a while someone says something or does something that totally surprises me.  A few days ago I received an e-mail from a fan.  She asked me what was going on with Cinnamon.  For a moment I was thrown.  Cinnamon is the name of a character in my book The Right Wedding Gown. … Read More

1 What’s your story?

Do you have a favorite story? I’m not talking about a specific book, but a story that pops up again and again in the books you keep, the movies you own, or the TV shows you just can’t get enough of. Maybe you love a good Cinderella story, or a Lancelot and Guinevere story (with… Read More

August 2013 Releases End Summer with Pleasure

Lots of folks equate the end of summer with the end of freedom and a return to responsibility and, well, boredom. Thanks to the Top Shelf Authors at Writerspace, however, you can bring your summer of 2013 to a close with lots of reading pleasure. For example, why not try: BRIDAL JITTERS By Jayne Castle… Read More

1 When Characters Happen

When I started writing the Dr. Charlotte Stone series, it was supposed to be straight suspense.  THE LAST VICTIM, the first book in the series, began as a dark, intense thriller about a woman who, as a teenager, was the sole survivor of a serial killer who murdered her best friend.  A woman who was… Read More

Getting it Write

I’m often asked what advice I have for new authors. I think that’s a fairly standard question for most published authors and I’m always interested in what others have to say.  Often, their suggestions are reminders to me of something forgotten or needing more thought. My answer to the question is to rewrite, rewrite and… Read More

Seriously Series

In my “Heart” series, I have a different hero and heroine in every book and the setting of Celta, a planet colonized by Earth people with psi powers, remains the same.  🙂 I make sure that people new to the series can jump right in! Romantic Times gave HEART FORTUNE 4 1/2 stars and said,… Read More

4 Shattered Illusions

My children were in elementary school the first time I stayed in a campground.  It was with a group of writers held at a member’s mountain vacation house.  My sister and I knew nothing about pitching a tent and as we pulled out the instructions to ours, some of the other attendees told us to… Read More