Highland Fling

My current book, In the Heart of the Highlander, is set in Scotland, but I regret to say it’s not in the bare-chested, plaid-wearing, sword-wielding era so beloved of romance cover artists and readers. I like a bare chest as well as anyone, and “dinna fash yerself” is just fine. But my characters inhabit an… Read More

Coloring Outside the Lines

Writing in more than one genre is great!  I love the variety.  I love the opportunity to time-travel in my imagination and create my own worlds.  Contrary to what most people think, there isn’t that much difference between writing historical romance and writing paranormal romance.  A romance is about two people falling in love no… Read More

The Thrill of It All

At what point does having a book published become routine?  Ho hum?  Just another day? Never. My 19th novel and 23rd book  Killing Custer, out this September, is just as big a thrill as the first book I sold thirty-some years ago.  I remember the day when the phone rang and an editor said to… Read More

October 2013 Releases Offer Reading Treats

If you’re looking for some reading material that’s sure to haunt you as a result of being oh so good, check out the October releases offered by some of Writerspace’s Top Shelf Authors. Available this month for your reading pleasure: Between the Lines By Jayne Ann Krentz eBook Released 9/17/1, 2013, reissue from 10/86 &… Read More

12 Weeks of Goodness from Nikki Duncan

A last wish brings them together. Only love can keep them there. HER MIRACLE MAN came to life one afternoon during an IM chat with my editor. Very quickly this story, that was intended to be a light and fun holiday read, took on a life of its own. I was doing more research than… Read More

1 Vampires Everywhere

Hi, Everyone! Halloween is right around the corner and for me that means vampires! I’ve had a thing for the fanged creatures from the time I first read Bram Stoker’s, DRACULA.  And who could forget three of Hollywood’s most famous hunks starring in Anne Rice’s, INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE:  Brad Pitt, Antonio Banderas, and, of… Read More

Celebrating Cupcakes … with Beth Ciotta

As the author of a series entitled, Cupcake Lovers, a series that highlights a social and charitable baking club, most readers and interviewers assume I bake. A logical assumption. But a false one. At first I was embarrassed to admit I’m a bit of a klutz in the kitchen, but then I realized that just… Read More


Don’t worry, no spoiler alert is needed for this post. I’m not going to give specifics, but I just need to go on record as saying that the final episode of Breaking Bad was the most satisfying end to a series it’s ever been my pleasure to experience. Every loose thread ended up neatly and… Read More

2 On Creating a Sanctuary from Words and Memory

I’m so excited to visit Writerspace today, and thought I would share a bit of insight behind writing a “space” for my characters – more specifically, creating a sanctuary for them to find themselves and help them grow. The theme of existence runs through my debut novel, LOUDER THAN LOVE. That may sound heavy, but… Read More


When I sold my futuristic romance novels to BelleBridge Books the plan was to scan and reprint.  Maybe I’d tweak some scenes, but I certainly had no intention of re-writing an entire book.  Yet when I re-read Island Heat, I wasn’t happy with the story. Now, there was nothing wrong with Island Heat.  The book… Read More