Those Horsey Girls

I’m so thrilled to have my friend, and writer, Lilian Darcy write for Montana Born. Lilian is a five-time RITA nominee. She’s award-winning — she’s so talented. And I’m so happy to be able to know her.  I just love her story, MARRY ME, COWBOY. It’s feminine, it’s sexy, it’s lovely and it’s a great… Read More

7 Secrets Behind The Surrender Trilogy

Today Lydia Michaels is here to discuss Seven Secrets Behind The Surrender Trilogy, a sizzling love story full of scandalous choices, dark deceptions, and secret sacrifices that will have readers staying up far past your bedtime. The question is… How deep do you want to go? It’s a pleasure to be here discussing the debut… Read More

What’s in a Name

I categorize all names I hear as better or worse than mine.  I’d say ninety-five percent fall into the better camp but once in while, I come across a name that I actually think is worse. When this happens, I feel an enormous amount of pity and tenderness, not only for the name itself, but… Read More

What Person… First or Third?

When I see an interesting looking mystery at the library or bookstore, the first thing I do is flip to the text and read the first page. I want to be engaged immediately, and I know that non-writing readers feel exactly the same way. And I noticed once, a long time ago, that if the… Read More

2 For Argument’s Sake

My husband is always one of the first people to read my books, right after my editor. I love that he’s willing to read them, and he even proclaims to enjoy them. On occasion he’ll text me and tell me about a scene that he particularly liked, or a character who stood out to him…. Read More

4 Forget Lightning Not Striking the Same Place Twice, Once is Plenty

Well, it happened . . . this very evening. It was raining absolute buckets outside and my Jack Russell terrorist was racing around the house barking challenges at the rolling thunder. But, me, I was minding my own business, puttering about, trying to decide what exciting menu (NOT!) I was going to throw together for… Read More

2 Still Not King

Tomorrow, September 18, is Stephen King’s birthday. I adore King. I want to be him someday but so far haven’t arrived on the bestseller lists, so I have a coffee mug that says on it, “Still not King.” The printing on it is faded, so you can tell I’ve had it a while. The first… Read More

1 Embrace The Magic

Hi, Everyone! It’s great to be here today at the WRITERSPACE BLOG! For those who don’t know me, I’ve been a writer for *ahem* a long time. No, I’m not going to own the decades, lol! A-n-y-w-a-y, before I wrote paranormal romance as Caris Roane, I enjoyed many years of writing sweet Regency Romance as… Read More


I am a big proponent of celebrating life’s events, big and small.  And I’m perhaps a bit contrary in my methods. I like holidays to be celebrated at the appropriate time of the year. None of this Halloween crap in July, thank you very much. I celebrate birthdays on the ACTUAL day, though I have… Read More

The Story Behind The Story of AN EVER AFTER SUMMER

1.  Tell us a bit about the story behind your latest novel. Where did your inspiration spark from? When my agent came up with the idea of me joining up with Mary, Margaret and Robin Lee I was intrigued and very excited to work with these 3 wonderful women, but I had never written a… Read More