The Mystery in the Mystery Novel

I know the killer when I plan a new Dead-End Job mystery. Always. But in BOARD STIFF, my latest Dead-End Job mystery, I had to solve a mystery I’d started some time ago and didn’t know how to finish. Helen Hawthorne and her new husband, Phil, have opened their own private eye agency, Coronado Investigations…. Read More

11 Murderous Bystanders

Do you ever see a pair of people with their heads together and wonder exactly what they’re up to? Overhear a snippet of conversation and think… “That’s weird. I wonder what that was about…” I’m not sure when this happened, but somewhere in the span of time since I began writing murder mysteries, I’ve begun… Read More

2 No Laughing Matter

I usually try to give my blog readers a reason to smile. I’m afraid I can’t do that today. As I write this, one of my dearest friends is wondering where her 10-year-old nephew is… or if he still is. You see, he and his family live—make that lived—in Moore, OK where today (I’m writing… Read More

19 Having an Affair…With a Fictional Hero!

I admit it, I’ve been having a love affair of sorts…with the BAD Boys from the Enslaved Trilogy! My husband is very understanding, bless his heart. He knows how many late nights I’ve spent thinking about these three Doms, writing these books. Dreaming about them. And…well, falling a little bit in love with each one…. Read More

Diary of a Debut

Last week I published my debut novel, THE LOVE WARS. As I’d been warned, the surrounding days were a jumble of nerves and elation, full of parties, long nights and—in a few exciting cases—bookstores selling out stock (!). Some of the highlights: 1. Monday, 9:01 a.m. I sit at the computer, pressing refresh. Refresh. Refresh…. Read More


So what does an author do when she’s written herself into a corner and can’t for the life of her figure out how to get out of it—all while thousands of fans are clamoring for her blood?  That’s the situation in which I found myself last year at this time. If you are a fan… Read More

Do-Overs and Second Chances: Thoughts on Revision

The French have a wonderful saying, l’esprit d’escalier, that translates to “staircase wit”: the smart comeback we think of after we’ve left the conversation and are already on the stairs.  Too little, too late.  Perhaps it is a witty reply, or perhaps it is the more thoughtful, appropriate response that failed to come to our… Read More

6 Company’s Coming, So There Goes My Budget

My best friend is coming to visit. As excited as that makes me, I’m also scared: the knowledge that she’s going to be here for over a week has left me looking at my home with new eyes. I’ve gotten busy and started replacing things that otherwise I’d probably just continue to put up with… Read More

The Name Game

Naming characters is one of the most enjoyable—and challenging—aspects of writing. In the case of the main characters in A SPEAR OF SUMMER GRASS, one was perfectly simple and straightforward while the other was just as much trouble as you’d expect her to be… J. Ryder White is the hero of the book, and his… Read More