Lydia’s Hope

Do you have a sister? If so, you know that despite quarrels, envy, frustration, and all the other negative emotions that siblings can arouse so easily, a sister is still a treasure. Your sister is the person with whom you never have to pretend. She’s seen the worst in you, and she loves you anyway!… Read More

13 Hiya…Bobbi Romans here.

Thanks for having me Writerspace! I’ve been a long time fan and chatter at Writerspace. Some might remember me when I used the nickname, Vitch36- *wink* With two releases out within 10 days of each other, I’ve been caught in a whirlwind of epic proportions! Yay, but ack! And…BOTH are vastly different genres!  I’m going… Read More

2 Great Escapes

There’s something seductive about a vacation. Maybe it’s the idea of leaving your everyday self behind along with your work and your worries. Maybe it’s the opportunity to relax, to recharge, to reconnect with the ones you love. Writers choose locations for their books as carefully as any family planning a holiday. It has to… Read More

20 Bad Boy Good Guys

I’m a sucker for a good redemption story, especially one where someone who seems completely irredeemable gets a second chance to get it right.  That kind of story poses an interesting question:  What does a hero have to do to be a hero?  Regardless of background and history, what does it take to be heroic?… Read More

June Releases Sizzle

We’re well into June.  So, here comes the sun . . .  and the entertainment. Writerspace Top Shelf Authors with book releases this month include: Woman’s Own By Robyn Carr Trade Paperback Released May 17, 2013 (reissued from 1990) Published by Liza Dawson Associates Ablaze against the bustle of nineteenth-century Philadelphia is this sweeping… Read More

2 Why We Love Damaged Heroes

There’s something about a sexy hero with a conflicted past and a bad-boy attitude that makes us want to love him all the more. In real life, we often find we can’t change a man. But in an erotic romance novel, love conquers all. The hero changes for the better thanks to the heroine and… Read More

Mysteries and Messages

Thanks yet again to Writerspace for inviting me to blog.  I was here just a few weeks ago discussing, among other things, the reprinting of my third Pet Rescue Mystery HOUNDS ABOUND with a special seal on it as part of Penguin Group (USA)’s Read Humane program.  And now I’m here because of my first… Read More

The High Road

Daniel Tennant, aka The Merger Mogul, has landed the project of a lifetime – to help make Barbados the #1 place to live, work and do business.  However he doesn’t bargain for the opposition he will receive, or the lengths to which the conspirators will go to discredit him in an attempt to bring an… Read More

3 The Diva Visits Threadville

Krista Davis and Janet Bolin were online critique partners long before either of them was published. Now they share the same publisher, Berkley Prime Crime, and their most recent mysteries came out on the same day, June 4.  THE DIVA FROSTS THE CUPCAKE is the seventh book in Krista’s Domestic Diva Mystery series. THREAD AND… Read More