A Little Midsummer Magic

When my publisher asked me to write a series of Julia Grey novellas, I hopped on the idea. I suggested we theme them to traditional English holidays, and last year saw the debut of SILENT NIGHT—a Christmas story complete with all the trappings of a proper Victorian holiday, wassail, carols, and a Yule log so… Read More

The Importance of Writing

Are you a writer?  I don’t necessarily mean an author but someone who journals and records observations.  I want to encourage you to keep writing. My latest novel The Price of Freedom is set in Barbados between 1694 and 1696 and includes the connection between Barbados and Carolina (as it was called at the time). … Read More

1 What Makes the Perfect Romance Novel?

I’ve seen this question asked and answered many times.  Some say there’s a formula.  Others say its emotion on the page.   A unique writing voice comes into play. The RITA contest rules say only:   The work contains a central love story, and the resolution of the romance must be emotionally satisfying and optimistic. If you… Read More

7 Infinite Possibilities is available NOW!

Hello Everyone! Thanks to everyone for all the well wishes! I have had a wonderful wedding weekend in San Francisco! I’m a MRS. now 🙂 I’ll have beautiful pictures to share soon!! Exciting new for today – The Secret Life of Amy Bensen Book 2 – Infinite Possibilities is now available everywhere, here is an… Read More

16 Funny Signs

Funny signs. It’s like I’m naturally drawn to them! On occasion I’m the only one who laughs…okay, often times I’m the only one who laughs. Can I help I’m the only one in my family with a good sense of humor? My husband normally keeps walking and I’ll occasionally catch him shaking his head. My… Read More


The first time I fell in love—and even now, half a lifetime later, I know it was love—I was 21. It was love at first sight, or, as seems to be more the case with me, love at first conversation. We met at a college Halloween party and although our actual romance was short-lived, we stayed best… Read More

Stick to your Genre!

Why do I write in so many different and varying categories? I’ve been told by more than one party that I should pick a genre and stick to it. “You have to create a brand.” “It’s too confusing for your readers if you write in more than one genre.” That’s what they tell me. I… Read More


He’s here! Carponti and Nicole have finally arrived!  Here’s some awesome reviews of I’ll BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS! Advanced Reviews “Grab this book as soon as it is released! “Man dress”—I won’t spoil it, but it will give you hope, laughter and tears!” Romancing Rakes “Buy it. Read it. Have lots of Kleenex on hand. Scott’s… Read More

Wild Child Inspiration: Crazy Stupid Love

It’s funny how time in the publishing world works. I have a book that I’m about to start that won’t be out for a year. My book WILD CHILD out last Tuesday, was finished a year ago. And the idea came together nearly a year before that. In fact, I was thinking about how that… Read More

November 2013 Releases Offer Reasons for Giving Thanks

It’s that special month when all of our thoughts are supposed to center around giving thanks. Luckily, some of the Top Shelf Authors from Writerspace have made that easier by offering November releases sure to give readers yet another reason for counting blessings and being filled with gratitude. Released this month for your reading pleasure:… Read More