This June, it’s Summertime and the Reading is Easy

The days are longer and the heat is rising. . . so is the number of terrific books available to be enjoyed. Why not make your selection from among the June releases written by Writerspace Top Shelf authors, including: Close to You (Lost Hearts #3) By Christina Dodd eBook Self Published, reissued from 05/05 Released… Read More

Finding a Home in Books

My house is on the market and this life-changing event has given me a dramatic change of perspective. As an author, it has struck me how much a home and a writing a book has in common. In both cases, we fret, we worry, we keep it up and clean it out, we come to… Read More

Dancing with Myself

There’s a quote I once read that said, roughly, “Authors are the only people who constantly have private moments in public settings.” It’s true. Once an idea strikes, it can completely invade your thoughts making you momentarily forget where you are. I suppose it’s how we see the world. In an author’s mind, everyday things… Read More

2 Candice Poarch’s Summer Read is Available!

Candice Poarch’s Summer Read Secrets in the Sand (e-book) Available Now One of the fascinating things about writing is the opportunity to create unique characters. Secrets in the Sand is a nod for women who aren’t afraid to take on traditional “male” jobs and household tasks. Enter Nicole Curtis, a woman who’s right in the… Read More


I smiled at the question. The back cover of my new book, AGAINST THE WILD, says words to that effect so I got the question during a recent interview. Having traversed the vast Alaskan landscape on two different month-long occasions, staying in the back of a tiny pickup camper, I can guarantee America’s largest state… Read More

12 Why I Hate Living on Thunder Row

I’ve been tired all day. Please don’t even think about suggesting I start going to bed earlier. At 10:00 p.m. I pulled the covers up to the hairs I’d missed while plucking my chiny, chin, chin, with the clock/alarm set for 6:00 a.m. That should have resulted in a solid eight hours of sleep. No… Read More

Creating Universes to Play In

I write a lot of contemporary. It’s fun. I can pick a place I’ve always wanted to visit, plop my characters there, and run. It’s not thoughtless and anyone who calls writing easy is nuts, but it’s relatively straightforward. Writing science fiction is another thing altogether. The worlds are the ones I make up in… Read More

Honor Reclaimed

Honor Reclaimed was not an easy book to write. I had research all kinds of depressing subject matter, ranging from child brides to PTSD, and I put my characters through the wringer. But in the end, I’ve very proud of how this book turned out and would love to share a scene with you. But… Read More

One Writer’s Journey to Becoming an Optimist

I’ve noticed that a lot of successful writers tend to optimists. This makes perfect sense. You can’t be a writer if you don’t believe in your own potential for success. Your work has to have value, and although the value assigned to it is entirely up to you, you have to be optimistic that you’ll… Read More

Write With a Hungry Heart

Brazen authors Gina Gordon and Amanda Usen talk seduction…as in how they seduce their stories out of their heads and hearts! Amanda: Oh, the headache and the heartbreak of the writing process! I’m one of those seat-of-the-pants writers. Every time I try to plot out a book ahead of time, it veers off in another… Read More