No More Mr. Nice Guy

by Amy Andrews I love a conflicted hero, don’t you? One that’s torn between the right thing to do, the thing his honour tells him he should be doing and just throwing caution to the wind and doing what the hell he wants.  Even if it’s wrong. Or bad. Or really, really dirty. Poor Mack… Read More

There are Plenty of Treats for You to Read This October

by Jaycie Cash October can be scary, but don’t worry there are plenty of great books for you to enjoy this month. Check out these great reads being released by Writerspace Top Shelf Authors: Perfect Timing “A Harrigan Family Novel” By Catherine Anderson Mass Market Paperback and eBook Published by Signet Released Sept. 30, 2014,… Read More

7 A Case for a Good Chill

By Carolyn Haines/R.B.Chesterton A lot of recent posts on Facebook have asked for lists of favorite books, books that changed your life, best books, etc. I think a lot about books and the influence they’ve had on my life, and the wonderful adventures they’ve taken me on. I love stories, and because of that, I… Read More

Where the Wild Things Are in the Middle of Main Street

by Blaire Edens When you live in an area where tourists outnumber locals, there’s always writing inspiration to be found. Like an international buffet, the travelers bring their quirks and eccentricities right to your door. One of the most humorous parts is seeing visitors react to the local wildlife, especially the big, hairy kind. We… Read More


By Jodi Thomas I’m excited about the release of A PLACE CALLED HARMONY. The story has been in the back of my mind since I started writing the Harmony Series.  Often I thought about what how my people in the present were affected by the past.  To have a town where people care about each… Read More

3 They’re Back!

By Jaycie Cash It’s that magical time of year . . . no more re-runs. The new TV season has begun. Can I hear a “Hallelujah?” Although I couldn’t say the same last year, there are several new shows that actually look interesting. Plus, I’m even more excited about welcoming back new episodes of old… Read More

PTSD Sufferers Can Love

by Karen Rock In my September released Harlequin Heartwarming novel, SOMEONE LIKE YOU, my main character, Niall Walsh, is an Afghanistan veteran harboring a terrible, classified war secret that keeps him from wanting to live the life he’s been spared. In fact, he tells his concerned sister, Mary Anne, that the wrong man survived the… Read More

1 Holidays—Already!

by Joanne Rock I’m excited to have a book out this week, and would you believe it’s a holiday 2-in-1? Ack! Is it that time already? I don’t know about you, but I don’t have Christmas on my radar yet. Maybe I should. Last year, December sneaked up on me and I didn’t feel prepared… Read More

1 Music and Writing…

by Jennifer Probst Writers are habitual creatures. Some need silence. Others crave music, or background noise. Some watch television and can multitask while they write. Others need to turn off the Internet in order to focus. Me? Well besides needing to be at my desk – I have trouble writing on the laptop and enjoy… Read More

1 How to Tell If He’s into You

By Jaycie Cash is just a font of information. They have a list up today (Monday evening) that lists 10 ways to tell if a man is interested in you. These include: Him leaning in, or toward you, while you chat together Him reciprocating anything you do that shows interest in him Gazing at… Read More