The Lure of the Shewolf…

I enjoy writing about all different types of paranormal creatures—you can let your imagination run wild and as long as you stick to the rules of your particular world, absolutely anything can happen. But if someone asks me what my favourite paranormal creature is, my mind always flashes to vampires. They are my first love… Read More

A tough nut to crack

Hello! I’m Diane Alberts (but I also write as Jen McLaughlin), and I am so happy to be here today! I have a new book out with Entangled Publishing (Entangled Brazen), and it’s the second book in my Shillings Agency series. The first book was TEMPORARILY YOURS, which I also blogged about a few months… Read More

2 What are Your Favorite Sayings or Pieces of Advice?

On the Emmy Awards last night there were several segments showing short clips of actors recounting the best direction they’d received from individuals who’d been nominated for Best Director. Naturally, being actors, some of them went for laughs. Some were straight up. Sadly, I couldn’t recount any of them right now, but the concept did… Read More

8 Game On

by Joanne Rock I was really excited to see one of my Blazes that takes place in the world of hockey is part of a boxed set called Game On this month. The set is headlined by the awesome Jill Shalvis, and I get more great company from Elle Kennedy and Nancy Warren. Just to… Read More

2 You Just Can’t Keep A Strong Woman Down…Or Should You?

by Dee Tenorio A long time ago, I was working with some newbie writers and we were putting together a group story, with each writer putting a chapter together. It was a lot of fun, but one thing that stuck in my mind was when one writer started a scene with the hero getting punched,… Read More

Hard Times in Techno World

By Jaycie Cash Feel free to correct me, but aren’t modern conveniences supposed to make life easier? If that’s truly the intent of most changes, inventions or updates, why is everything so much more complex today than it was say just 15 or 20 years ago? Those of you who are younger than 35 might… Read More

Don’t You Love Weddings!

Hi Debra Clopton here, so glad to share with you today! Do you love weddings? I do, I do, I do–I write romance so all my characters are working toward getting married, they may not know it when the book starts, but they get on board before the end comes around–thank goodness or they sure… Read More

The Langley Family Trilogy

by Lucy Monroe The first autobuy author I ever glommed was Julie Garwood and with her books, a lifelong love of sexy historical romance was born.  It’s no surprise that when I started writing, my first book was a historical romance.  Not so sexy, Miss Fix-It is a western inspirational and took me nearly 3 years… Read More

Summer Adventures

by Joan Johnson Dear Reader, Having just put my grandson on a plane back to Florida, I’m thinking how lucky I am to live in a place like Colorado with such great opportunities for adventure.   We had a blast!   From the challenging white water of the Cache la Poudre River to the wave pool at… Read More

To the Victor Goes What Exactly?

Some years back there was a television show called Northern Exposure. Delightfully offbeat, it was filled with lovable but kooky characters that lived in an isolated small Alaskan town. One of the characters, arguably the kookiest of all, was a young native man barely in his twenties. Filled with innocence, a joie de vive and… Read More