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Catching Her Heart

Thanks for having me on Writerspace today. I’m so excited to share my new release, Catching Her Heart, with all of you.

This book combines some of my favorite things: romance, enemies to lovers, and finding ways to give back to the world around us.

Readers may have met Addison Carlisle in book one of the For Love of the Game series, Covering All the Bases.

When I originally pitched this series to/with my editor, the only piece we really latched onto was the fun opening of a heroine needing to kidnap the hero. Of course, for this to be a forgivable offense, it couldn’t really be a kidnapping, but more a favor. It also had to be for a very good reason.

The idea of the I.O.U.s came from Addie’s personality. She’s not great at asking others for help. She prefers to be on the giving side of most things. In this instance, it makes her feel better to know that even if he helps her out, she can have his back the next time he needs it. And so begins their back and forth, their trip into love.

Sawyer is jaded when it comes to being asked for favors and to be fair, he’s had some pretty strange requests. When he hears Addie’s, he’s surprised and skeptical. He’s spent the last several years (well, a lifetime, actually) around people who are clearly on the take for what they can get.

When Addie gets through that gruff exterior, she finds a man that truly cares; about baseball, his team, his friends, and…maybe even, her.

I love the idea of writing a story that revolves around giving back in some way. For Addie, the cause close to her heart is M.S. but she also learns something interesting about herself. She learns that the self-care she’s preaching for the Nashville Slammers’ players should apply to her as well. It takes a lot of energy to be Addison Carlisle and though she loves what she does, even she can burn out.

I hope you’ll check out Catching Her Heart so you can read Addie and Sawyer’s story for yourself.

I’m giving away an ecopy of book one in the series, Covering All the Bases.

Jody Holford

Jody Holford

I'm a mom and wife first and many things after. I'm a best friend and a regular friend. A daughter, sister, auntie, a teacher, and maybe even... a writer. I am a book lover, a shopper, a pajama-wearer, movie-watcher, worrier, over-thinker, and a wanna-be-good-Samaritan. I'm a Gemini, a nervous talker, and an emotional writer. I am represented by Frances Black of Literary Counsel.  

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