The Trouble with Horses

Trouble Cat Mysteries Book 4, 7 & 10

by Trouble Cat, Susan Y. Tanner

KaliOka Press

Mystery: Anthology

July 26, 2020

Available in: e-Book

The Trouble with Horses
by Trouble Cat, Susan Y. Tanner

"Bipeds---they walk upright and have prehensile thumbs, but I'm the authority when it comes to solving crimes and ambushing love." ---Trouble, black cat detective.

What does a black cat detective and the rescue horses of Summer Valley Ranch have in common? A whole lot of trouble---with a capital T!

Whenever Trouble, a black cat with uncanny sleuthing abilities and an over-fondness for Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes, finds a damsel in distress, his mission is always solving mysteries and thwarting the plans of criminals!

THE TROUBLE WITH HORSES comprises a 'series within a series' with each book featuring a new horse adventure and one sassy black cat detective.

The horses at Summer Valley Ranch are the heart of Susan Y. Tanner's compelling storytelling.

(originally published October 2017 in eBook and trade paperback)

Avery Wilson walks away from divorce court a free woman but with her ex-husband's threats ringing in her ears. She dreams of adding therapeutic riding for wounded veterans to the equestrian programs at her ranch but finds herself, instead, being investigated for federal fraud. Dirks Hanna has no plans to fall for the beautiful object of his investigation nor to join forces with a unique black cat but fate has other plans. As deadly events unfold, Dirk realizes it will take their combined skills, Avery's grit to protect the horses, and Trouble's feline talents to protect the ranch from the dangers that threaten.

(originally published June 2018 in eBook and trade paperback)

Malone Summer's life is barrel racing but her world was once Cade Delaney---and he wants her back. Malone has faith that the athletic mare she rides, a Summer Valley rescue, will take her to the top of the association standings. But Trouble knows trouble when he sees it, even in the guise of a young teen who has stowed away on Malone's horse trailer. Trouble must find a link between the ruthless murders of rough stock riders and the stowaway that Malone is determined to keep safe. Cade Delaney is just the cowboy to help Trouble solve the mystery and save the day.

(originally published July 2019 in eBook and trade paperback)

Kylah West, a sought-after stunt rider, is familiar with the heat of battle---when it's a paid performance. She's less prepared for the clash brewing around a civil war reenactment. U.S. Marshal Wolf Stockton has experience hauling over-imbibers to jail or home. He's less accustomed to tucking a tipsy female and her cat into a hotel room. Kylah is tough and independent but haunted by her husband's suicide. After a night when she gives in to her grief, she awakens to a black cat she doesn't own, a note from a man she doesn't remember, and the news that a fellow reenactor has been found shot through the heart with a vintage rifle. What follows is an action-packed mystery and one wise black cat who is determined that the final scene will end in romance not tragedy.

Trouble Cat's Bio

Trouble, the Sherlock of cat detectives Trouble is the handsome, sleek, sophisticated black cat of acclaim and good taste--protagonist of the Trouble Cat Mysteries series. As the son of Familiar, a superior sleuth in his own right, Trouble learned his craft well. Watching Sherlock on the tellie as a kit didn't hurt either. That deep Benedict Cumberbatch voice and diction not only added to Trouble's natural talents, but imprinted our sleuth with charm and wit as well as a heavy British accent. His lack of an opposable thumb has been successfully resolved by the acquisition of a pride of Mad Catters to pen his memoirs of murder, mayhem, and mystery. There is also his well known talent of resolving matters of the heart that keeps his mail bag full of letters from the lovelorn. But Trouble is wise in many aspects of life---his view of most dogs (why would anyone want a dog?), fine cuisine, the relevance of art and history---and so much more. You can meet his bevy of Mad Catters and pen you own advice seeking missives at