A Trouble'd Christmas

Trouble Cat Mysteries Short Story

by Trouble Cat, Susan Y. Tanner

KaliOka Press


November 22, 2019

Available in: e-Book

A Trouble'd Christmas
by Trouble Cat, Susan Y. Tanner


After his release from prison, Mace Walker has two goals --- prove himself innocent of grand theft and see the guilty party punished. Even if his ex-fiancée, Felecia McIntyre, helped frame him. Maybe especially so.

Three years ago, Felecia's heart broke to watch prison doors slide shut behind the man she loved. It broke again when Mace refused to allow her to visit and her letters were returned unopened.

Now, just two weeks before Christmas, Mace walks back into her life along with a sleek black cat whose owner believes he can solve mysteries and bring criminals to justice. A crime-solving cat may be just what Felecia needs because Mace has changed. Angry, bitter, and out for revenge, he's determined to make the woman he once loved help prove his innocence---whether she's willing or not.

Trouble would rather be home watching Christmas classics with his human, Tammy Lynn, but his creed is always to 'protect and serve'. Neither of his temporary charges display much in the way of Christmas spirit so It's A Wonderful Life might seem an unlikely outcome. But, then, they don't know Trouble ...

Trouble Cat's Bio

Trouble, the Sherlock of cat detectives Trouble is the handsome, sleek, sophisticated black cat of acclaim and good taste--protagonist of the Trouble Cat Mysteries series. As the son of Familiar, a superior sleuth in his own right, Trouble learned his craft well. Watching Sherlock on the tellie as a kit didn't hurt either. That deep Benedict Cumberbatch voice and diction not only added to Trouble's natural talents, but imprinted our sleuth with charm and wit as well as a heavy British accent. His lack of an opposable thumb has been successfully resolved by the acquisition of a pride of Mad Catters to pen his memoirs of murder, mayhem, and mystery. There is also his well known talent of resolving matters of the heart that keeps his mail bag full of letters from the lovelorn. But Trouble is wise in many aspects of life---his view of most dogs (why would anyone want a dog?), fine cuisine, the relevance of art and history---and so much more. You can meet his bevy of Mad Catters and pen you own advice seeking missives at troublecatmysteries.com.