Ecstasy's Hostage

by Thea Devine

Self Published

Historical Romance: Old West, Historical Romance

March 28, 2013



Available in: e-Book (reprint)

Ecstasy's Hostage
by Thea Devine

Galt Saunders, jailed in a backwater town for a murder he didn’t commit, is determined to escape with the help of Elizabeth Barnett, the jilted prospective daughter-in-law of the sheriff, who now is little better than his servant. She delivers Galt’s meals, she feeds the dogs, she minds the office, and Galt watches her every day, all day, waiting, planning, dreaming, until the moment is right and he takes Elizabeth hostage and makes his escape with her.

Wary, suspicious, tight, closed up Lizzie who was looking for any way to escape the drudgery of being the sheriff’s object of pity. Never mind her fascination with Galt and the inexorable tension between them. He’s determined she’s coming with him. But what he gets is not a willing seductress, but rather an unwilling captive who is determined to be free of him at any cost. Until the first kiss, the first caress, the first blaze of passion that threatens to consume them and throw all his plans to hell and back.

Originally published November 1988 by Zebra Heartfire Romance.

Thea Devine's Bio

She’s the author whose books defined erotic historical romance. Romantic Times calls her “The Queen of Erotic Romance,” Affaire de Coeur: “… the divine mistress of sensual writing …” She’s Thea Devine (yes, it’s her real name), and she’s the author of 18 steamy historical romances (with three more to come), as well as contributing novellas to Kensington Books’ USA Today best-selling erotic historical romance anthologies, CAPTIVATED, FASCINATED, and TAKEN BY SURPRISE. She’s also written a handful of sexy contemporary romantic novellas for Kensington and Leisure Books, and she made her debut in full-length contemporary romance in 1999 with NIGHT MOVES, for Harlequin Temptation “Blaze”. She lives and works in Connecticut (and summers in Maine), but more to the point, she really lives that secret life readers sometimes think she does: for the past twenty years, she’s also been a professional manuscript reader. She was married to John and after 50 years of love and companionship, her husband passed away in December 2016, and has two grown sons, Michael and Thomas; and two sister felines, Charlotte and Emily Bronte Cat; and two dogs: mini-doxie Midgie, who recently joined the family; and the headstrong, stubborn and wilful black lab, Maggie, who has, Thea says, all the qualities of a good heroine.