Mary's Child

by Terese Ramin

Brokenoggin Books, LLC

Contemporary Romance

November 15, 2022

Available in: e-Book, Trade Size (reprint)

Mary's Child
by Terese Ramin

Joe Martinez couldn't believe what he was seeing when Hallie Thompson opened her door to his knock. Whose child was she holding? Then it hit him.

Mine? That's my daughter?

Joe was the last person she expected to see when she opened the door. Why did he have to return now?

Once Hallie had agreed to be a surrogate mother for her best friend and his wife. But that was before Mary was killed and Joe left town. Now Hallie was determined to keep her child, the baby she'd carried for nine months and given birth to, and was now nursing.

After a year's absence, bounty hunter Joe Martinez couldn't stop staring at Hallie cradling his child. Watching her made him realize how beautiful and desirable this woman was. And that he'd loved her since they were knee-high. So how could he make her recognize they were meant to be a family?

Her secret, their child.

Terese Ramin's Bio

Terese (Daly) Ramin is the oldest of eight children and mother of two. Much of Terese's work grew out of staying up well past the bedtime imposed by her parents and telling stories to her younger brothers and sisters. A brush with mortality made her pull up her socks and finish her first novel in 1987. It won the Romance Writers of America Golden Heart Award that same year. Since then, she is the author of ten romance and romantic suspense novels, numerous short stories, and the creator/editor/author of the charitable collaboration Bewitched, Bothered & BeVampyred. With author David Wind, she co-wrote the medical-legal thriller THE WHISTLEBLOWER'S DAUGHTER. July 9, 2019 saw the release of her first urban fantasy romance, SOUL KEEPER (Book 1 of The Brotherhood of Shadows), co-written with Dawn Johanson under the name Cathryn Marr. Terese has spent a lifetime rescuing the dogs and cats (and the occasional reptile and amphibian) that turn up on her doorstep swearing they only followed the signs that said "free love here." She is positive she never posted those signs. She currently resides in Michigan with her husband and 4 dogs.