King Unveiled

King Series Book 1

by Taralynn Moore

Beach Cove Books

Paranormal Romance, Paranormal Romance: Science Fiction, Young Adult, Young Adult: Paranormal

May 14, 2019

Available in: e-Book

King Unveiled
by Taralynn Moore

The YA Sci-Fi Fantasy Romance, KING UNVEILED, is now available in Kindle Unlimited! It's sequel, King Abdication is coming soon! From beach coves to snowy car chases, this read will take both you and your heart on an adventure you won’t soon forget!

The spellbinding first installment of Taralynn Moore’s KING series.

Three hearts.
Two loves.
Unending lies.

Bria has no idea her life is a carefully woven tapestry of design and predestination. Until a helicopter, a quiet beach cove, and the pull of piano chords usher in the unraveling of her world.

And David.

His music sparked her spirit, long before she knew him, before she knew herself. Now, with love and lives on the line, they can’t escape their fated connection or the family company that owns them and their hearts.

Jon has been her constant companion. Her rock. Her anchor. But when the perfect outcome of their parental set-up turns out to be a cover, her protected existence begins to fall apart, and so does their relationship and its foundation of necessary lies.

All three must unite, must fight, for family, for freedom, with a bond so strong even torn hearts can’t tear them apart.

Let sweeping descriptions, heated action scenes, and quiet romantic moments keep you on a pinwheel of emotions you won’t soon forget.

Taralynn Moore's Bio

Taralynn has a degree in Psychology from the University of Massachusetts and has spent most of her professional career behind the scenes of the beauty industry in sales and distribution. Now she’s returned to one of her first passions as an author. She enjoys writing and reading stories that involve real character emotion with a twist of the unexpected. Her work often reflects a glossy and cinematic feel, with interwoven story lines, and hints of mystery.