This Time Love

by Tara Randel


Contemporary Romance

June 1, 2004

ISBN-13: 0803496524

Available in: Hardcover

This Time Love
by Tara Randel

Lindsey was perfectly comfortable with her life—living on her parents' property in a quaint cottage and tending to her beloved niece, Dawn. But then, Gabe Banner moves back into town and with him come all the memories of her schoolgirl crush on him and the bitter disappointment she suffered that senior year of high school. For them, the timing has never been right, but now she realizes why no man has ever interested her since then and why she could never forgive the friend who deceived her.

Suddenly, Lindsey's sister comes up with a crazy ultimatum for her to get legal custody of Dawn: she must find a husband by the night of her literacy program's big fundraising gala. Gabe ends up helping her, but along the way, she wonders whether it is out of convenience, pity, or real feelings. Now that Fate has brought them to this point again in their lives—without excuses or misunderstandings to hinder them—can they realize their love in time?

Tara Randel's Bio

Tara Randel has enjoyed a life long love of books, so it didn't come as a surprise when she pursued writing herself. After finding Romantic Times magazine in a bookstore nine years ago, she got the writing bug. Soon after she discovered Romance Writers of America. She located the RWA chapter and immediately attended her first meeting. She's been an active member since then.

Tara completed four manuscripts before Avalon Books bought Lasting Love, a December 2001 release. She has since sold another manuscript, Hidden Hearts with an April 2002 release date. In between, she has sold short stories and worked on script writing with a local Christian television network. She also teaches creative writing to middle school students at her daughter's school.

Through Tampa Area Romance Authors, Tara learned all about the business, from the craft of writing to finding out which publishers work in the romance genre. She also served as contest coordinator for four years and served as President for one year, and she has continued to write.

When not writing, Tara owns a business with her husband and stays busy with her two daughters. She lives on the West Coast of Florida, where gorgeous sunsets inspire the creation of heartwarming stories.