Lunar Heat

by Susan Kearney

Bell Bridge Books

November 4, 2013

ISBN-10: B00G12Z4JI

ISBN-13: B00G12Z4JI

Available in: e-Book

Lunar Heat
by Susan Kearney

A future that’s out of this world.
A seduction that’s out of control.

Wealthy, reclusive celebrity, Shara Weston, hides from her countless fans on a private asteroid in Earth’s orbit, but that doesn’t stop captivating alien Cade Archer from crash-landing into her life.

Cade’s on a mission to free his people from cruel enslavement by opening a portal from his planet to Earth, but a powerful enemy has followed him, hell-bent on stopping Cade at any cost. While Cade's plan sounds noble, Shara can’t help but worry that an untested passage between his planet and hers could lead to the destruction of everything she’s ever known or loved.

Alone amid the stars, the attraction between them explodes. Shara must follow Cade down a sensual path of sweet domination . . . a path that frightens her . . . a path that pleases her . . . a path that could risk the lives of every man, woman, and child on two worlds.

Will she surrender to Cade’s intentions or will his quest for freedom destroy them both?

LUNAR HEAT is a rewrite of a book titled ISLAND HEAT. As an author Susan wasn’t satisfied with the original. At first she thought she’d just update the story but then realized she wanted to do much more. So it’s got a new title and copyright. And this SF/romance is now set way in the future and takes place on Earth, the Moon, Mars and Io. Preorders on Amazon can be done on Nov 1 and the expected release date is set for Nov. 4th 2013.

Susan Kearney's Bio

Susan Kearney used to light herself on fire four times a day. Now she does something really hot — she writes romantic suspense for Harlequin Intrigue.

While she hasn't performed her signature "fire" dive from a 10-meter platform in years, she started diving at age 10. By age 12, she'd won the New Jersey State Championship, and by college, she was a three-time All-American Diver.

While attending the University of Michigan, she earned a business degree that led to her diverse careers as, variously, a partner in a barter business, a real estate appraiser, a mover and renovator of houses, and a once- owner of three hair salons. Finally, in 1995, she sold her first book and became a full-time writer. She's currently plotting her way through her 30th novel.

Of all her careers, her favorite is wife and mother. She married her teenage sweetheart and lives with her husband, two children, and Boston terrier in sunny Florida. She now beats the heat not by diving into cold water, but with her new hobby — figure skating. Susan also enjoys writing science fiction, screenwriting, boating, and traveling to foreign countries.