Fairy Tale Lust: Erotic Fantasies for Women

by Saskia Walker, Delilah Devlin

Cleis Press

Sensual: Anthology

July 1, 2010

ISBN-10: 1573443972

ISBN-13: 9781573443975

Available in: Trade Size

Fairy Tale Lust: Erotic Fantasies for Women
by Saskia Walker, Delilah Devlin

Award-winning novelist and top erotica writer Kristina Wright goes over the river and through the woods to find the sexiest fairy tales ever written. Playfully seductive, supernaturally sensual, and darkly erotic, Fairy Tale Lust showcases clever twists to classic tales and introduces new stories inspired by the ever-popular genre. Here, a walk in the forest is likely to lead to an erotic encounter with a mysterious stranger and the silver light of a full moon might illuminate an orgy of sensual delights! Highly imaginative and downright stimulating, these stories take fairy tale erotica to the next level. Top erotica contributors deliver sizzling work, including Janine Ashbless, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Delilah Devlin, Shanna Germaine, and Saskia Walker.

Includes The Obedient Wife by Delilah Devlin, How the Little Mermaid Got Her Tail back by Andrea Dale, Ducking by Craig Sorensen, Three Times by Justine Elyot, Ellie and the Shoemaker by Louisa Harte, The Pub Owner's Daughter by Alegra Verde, Sleep Tight by Janine Ashbless, Her Hair Is a Net, Woven by Shanna Germain, Mind Your Peas and Qs by Allison Wonderland, In the Dark Woods by Kristina Wright, Gildi and the Unwieldy, Ineffectual Committee of Bears by Jeremy Edwards, Frosted Glass by Aurelia T. Evans, Gingerbread Man by Carol Hassler, All in a Day's Work by Saskia Walker, Big Bad Wolf (An Excerpt) by Alana Noel Voth, The Kiss by Michelle Augello-Page, The Return by Charlotte Stein and The Stone Room by A. D. R. Forte.

Saskia Walker's Bio

I live and work in the north of England, close to the beautiful Yorkshire moors. Here in the windswept landscape made famous by the Bronte sisters, I write fiction across several genres: fantasy, erotic romance and erotica. British by birth, I have traveled extensively and I believe that visiting exotic countries contributed greatly to my desire to write, that and an extremely vivid and active imagination!

I first started writing a rather madcap historical romance when I was twelve years old. The heroine was called Miranda and she was much more like Modesty Blaise than a blushing debutante. At the time I was consuming a literary diet as diverse as Barbara Cartland and Ian Fleming, and reading a book a day. What a combination! But that might begin to explain the rather reckless, adventurous heroines that I write about these days...

I have an academic background, with a BA in Art History and a Masters degree in Literature and the visual arts. Creative writing has become more important as time has passed, drawing me away from all manner of diverse careers. I have worked as a gallery assistant, an academic librarian, a university administrator, a liaison officer for overseas students studying in the UK, an online tutor for Learn Direct and I coordinated a voluntary befriending scheme for children in care. I began writing in earnest in '96 and was published in the small press under the guidance of the leading British fantasy writer, Storm Constantine. From there I began to write for Virgin publishing's Black Lace imprint and now, several publications later, I spend most of my writing time on longer projects, punctuated with the occasional short story.

My real life hero, Mark, supports my work through all its ups and downs, and runs the tech side of my website. Together with the big black cat who watches over while I write, Mark somehow manages to keep me sane and grounded when fiction threatens to take over!