Road's End

by Rebecca Barrett

Witch Creek Publishing

Historical Romance

October 27, 2017

ISBN-10: 069234764X

ISBN-13: 9780692347645

Available in: e-Book, Trade Size

Road's End
by Rebecca Barrett

Road’s End is an historical novel set in the deep South between 1900 and WWII. It is the family saga of three generations of women ruled by passion.

Helen Fitzgerald has a chance encounter with a dark and exciting man on a hot August night in 1898. He has come to Charleston in search of guns and money for the Fenian cause. When he sails back to Ireland with his pockets filled with her father’s gold, Helen is left with an unborn child.

She accepts a marriage proposal from a quiet, gentle man who has loved her from afar but she is unable to accept his love and life in rural Alabama. Her husband’s inability to win her love and his jealousy over the love she has for her child changes him.

Their life together shapes their daughter, Anna. She sees what her mother’s indifference does to her father, how this unrequited love twists him into something dark and unkind. As she grows into a young woman, Anna, in her turn, is torn between the good man who loves her and the stranger in their midst who tempts her with the unknown.

While her choices are different from her mother, they are nonetheless as painful to those who love her. It is the happy occasion of Anna’s daughter’s wedding that brings all the secrets of the Carroll women to the surface.

As a strange, wealthy, and exciting man enters Rose’s life, will she follow in the footsteps of her mother and grandmother? Will her future be one of heartache and loss? Road’s End is a story of love, betrayal, and dark secrets.

Rebecca Barrett's Bio

Rebecca Barrett writes historical fiction, post-apocalyptic fiction (writing as Campbell O’Neal), children’s stories, and short stories of life in the South. An avid reader all her life and a product of “front porch” socializing, she became a story-teller at an early age. Her current novel, Trouble in Paradise (available now), features that handsome, sleek, black cat detective, Trouble. This is a new series with multiple authors (The Mad Catters) who follow the antics of super-sleuth Trouble as he lands in first one crime scene then another. Of course, the humans help a little. These romantic mysteries are fun and light hearted and just perfect for a beach read or a rainy day. Visit the author’s website at to enjoy some of her short stories.