Grand Theft Lotto

A Brody & Hannigan Mystery Book 2

by Paula Graves

Self Published

Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense, Romantic Suspense

October 26, 2013

Available in: e-Book

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Grand Theft Lotto
by Paula Graves

When a winning Lotto ticket worth millions disappears at a family get-together, Stella Hannigan's mother turns to her daughter's cop partner, Lee Brody, to help her find the purloined prize. But when the top suspect ends up brutally skewered in a back alley, Brody and Hannigan realize they're up against more than a simple thief. They're chasing an elusive killer with some very murky motives.

With a growing suspect list that includes some of Hannigan's more disreputable kinfolk, the detectives have almost as much trouble getting their hands on the killer---and the stolen Lotto ticket---as they do keeping their hands off each other.

Paula Graves' Bio

Down here in the American South, we don’t hide our crazy people. We showcase them. I’ve always thought it was because eccentric people make for the best stories, and we Southerners love our stories. Faulkner, McCullers, O’Connor, Porter—these are our chroniclers, writers steeped in the slow, steady pulse of the South’s pride, suffering, honor, madness, venality and redemption. I grew up in Alabama, the heart of the South, and live here still. The need to tell stories has been a driving force in my life from a very young age.

As a child, my favorite books were Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew mysteries and Harlequin Romances. When I realized there were books that featured both romance and mystery, I knew I’d found my calling. Now I write for Harlequin Intrigue, where I get to play both matchmaker and murderer and get paid for it.

In addition, I work a full-time day job at a Birmingham ad agency, where I’m a copywriter and graphic designer, a background that comes in handy when it’s time to redesign my website and create promotional materials for my books. I’m also known among certain circles as the Cat Whisperer, but that’s a whole other story. I love to hear from readers, so please click the contact button on my website and tell me what you think about my books.