The Quest

by Pam Binder

Wild Rose Press

Paranormal Romance: Historical, Paranormal Romance: Time Travel

July 29, 2020

Available in: e-Book, Trade Size (reprint)

The Quest
by Pam Binder

Medieval Highland apprentice witch Ana de Dannon is desperate to free her imprisoned mother and needs a champion. Her evil stepbrother has offered her mother's freedom in exchange for his defeat at the tournament. Knowing it's a trap, she still summons a legendary warrior. But instead of Cuchulainn, a famous 21st century quarterback appears.

Kenneth MacKinnon (Mac) is stunned he has traveled to 14th century Scotland but agrees to help Ana free her mother if she will return him to the future. Fighting their mutual attraction, Ana trains Mac for the competition. He is a fast learner, with a kind heart buried under his arrogance, but he has much to learn. Ana fears their chances of escaping with her mother---and their lives---diminish by the day.

Originally published January 2000 in hardcover by Goodfellow Press, Incorporated, August 2000 in mass market paperback by Pocket Books and indie published January 2015 in trade paperback and eBook.

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Pam Binder's Bio

Pam Binder is an award winning and New York Times Bestselling author. Publishers Weekly has said: "Binder gracefully weaves elements of humor, magic and romantic tensions into her novels." Drawn to Celtic legends and anything Irish or Scottish, Pam blends historical events, characters and myths into everything she writes. Pam is also a conference speaker, an instructor in the University of Washington's Popular Fiction extension program, president of the Pacific Northwest Writers Association and program director of their monthly meetings and summer conference.